These 21 photographs that show that for some people rudeness has no limits! -
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These 21 photographs that show that…
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These 21 photographs that show that for some people rudeness has no limits!

April 07, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Unfortunately, in the world, there are several people who adopt offensive behavior and show no respect for the rules that govern a civil society.

It is not about egregious facts but of small gestures that, nonetheless, have unpleasant consequences for all those people who share a public space.

People who occupy more than one seat on trains, popcorn that has been thrown on the floor at the movies --- these are just some of the unwelcome behaviors and attitudes that we often find ourselves being forced to deal with.

1. Would it have been so hard to put it back on the shelf when you changed your mind?

2. Have you ever heard of personal space?


3. Those who put their chewing gum everywhere but in the wastebasket.

4. This photo shows how people are so lazy that they do not put their shopping cart back where they got it.

5. My roommate connects the computer plug like this ...


6. Sometimes people do not understand that they are traveling together with other people!

7. Some people seem to forget that their long hair could bother someone


8. When you go to the cinema, but ...

9. This woman apologized by saying: "The employees are paid to clean!"


10. It is a pity that some men have not yet learned how to use the toilet

11. Maybe he thinks it's okay

12. Stretching legs and feet towards the seat in front seems to be fashionable

13. Some people like to stick their chewing gum on any available surface

14. But how did this person park like that?

15. This guy does not think there could be other people who are tired

16. When people stand with their backs to the hand pole pretending that there is no hand there ...

17. This boy is eating pistachios and does not care that he is throwing the shells on the floor

18. It must be a lot of hard work to put everything back into place after playing!

19. Why should everyone be forced to hear the music that you are listening to?

20. Evidently taking a step to throw the receipt in the trash basket is too tiring ...

21. When you lend a pencil to a friend

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