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22 situations among the most inexplicable…
A dolphin creates a circle of sand in the sea and shortly after the camera films a fascinating phenomenon! He declares himself

22 situations among the most inexplicable that someone managed to photograph!

April 06, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Not taking things too seriously can help a lot. Sometimes it even happens that we find ourselves in absurd situations that are rather funny and they make us laugh.

It is difficult to immediately capture an image to remember that moment that was so funny or strange and then share it with friends --- but sometimes it does happen!

As a matter of fact, here is a gallery of exceptional images that were captured by pure luck ... or perhaps due to someone's fast reflexes!?

1. What do you think about climate change?

2. Whoever did this is slightly confused ...

image: Sveq / reddit

3. I hope at least that they are clean

image: POYZN / imgur

4. How to use stale hard bread

5. It is to be hoped that somebody did not really do it


6. Seriously ... why?

7. I am beginning to think that someone is playing with Photoshop


8. When the bubbles create the map of the world!

9. He also wanted to be part of the shootout


10. Any idea about it?

11. Ever thought about wanting to eat a chair?

12. When a cheetah family decides to join you for the night

13. What came first? The car or the pole?

image: cdd_ / reddit

14. Money made him lose his mind

15. Winter trend --- Alien-style

16. Do not swallow this dress?!

17. A very fashionable goose

18. When the situation turns upside down

19. This picture is very disturbing

20. When there is only one cement field marker in the whole field ... and you run right into it!

21. We will also do this the next time we go camping

22. The most efficient way to release the pressure inside your radiator

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