These fake " before/after" images are…
These cute little donkeys will be the sweetest thing you'll see today 18 images that have dogs as protagonists, even if at first glance you would not think so!

These fake " before/after" images are so ingenious that they'll definitely make you laugh

April 26, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

The Internet world is full of social media profiles in which people share the "before and after" info and photos regarding their individual changes.  

Whether it is diets, changes in appearance or a new look or otherwise, these kinds of stories have the power to encourage those who would like to do something similar, but it can also provide a great starting point for those who use social media with a decidedly more humorous intent.

Here's who has been able to take advantage of the principle of comparison between photos creating something that is a lot of fun and spot on!

About 30 years ago, I stopped drinking and taking drugs --- and look where I am now.

The captured images in this photo progress will put an end to the phenomenon of progress photos!

image: Glichraptor

Previously, he was a member of the Greenday band, then he got involved in politics.

image: Reddit

Finally, they stuck their noses out of the house and look at how they have managed to improve.

image: Reddit

Keanu Reeves over the centuries.

image: NEONCiTiZEN

This is me who lost 88 lb (40 kg) in less than one minute.

image: Reddit

It took me ages --- of working out at the gym, but in the end, here's the results I achieved:


In just 6 weeks of drinking a slimming herbal tea, Rob lost $605 USD (€500)!

Do you remember the kid from "Toy Story"? Well, now he has grown up and goes to university.

image: Reddit

Generations and generations of refinement of the species via natural selection has served ... To what?

13 years of Germany's progress.

image: Reddit

12 years of hard work have paid off! He went from a husky but adorable kid to a world-renowned heartthrob.

If you were wondering what happened to the protagonist of "Matilda" ...

image: Reddit

My name is Obi Wan Kenobi and this is me after leaving the life of a heroin addict and discovering the Force.

image: ak47revolver9

Reddit friends, it was really hard but in the end I managed to reach my goal!

image: qqqxfk

10 years of sobriety in a photo.

image: philov

Just long enough to shoot a movie and ... 😉

image: u/kindnesd99
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