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Brad Pitt transported and hand delivered crates full of food for the neediest people in his city

When duty calls, not even one of the biggest movie stars on the planet holds back. Sure, many will wonder if it's all a publicity stunt to attract more media attention, but someone like Brad Pitt, who…

15 photos of actors who despite their age continue to have an unparalleled charm

They broguht us dreams in some of our favorite films, not only for their acting skill but also for their beauty. Time passes for everyone, but some celebrities seem to keep the charm of the past and don't…

14 spontaneous photos showing Hollywood celebrities as we've never seen them before

We are used to seeing Hollywood actors and actresses mainly in our favorite films and, sometimes, in the publicity photos that precede the film's release in theaters. How many times have we asked ourselves…

She manages to transform herself into any celebrity thanks to her make-up skills

Whoever does make-up can be considered a true artist: the skill with which they manage to transform the faces of actresses, models and actors with eyeshadow and brush is truly impressive! But the so-called…

"He who looks perfect on the outside, hides the most demons of all": 15 of the most famous quotations by Sigmund Freud

Sigmund Freud, his given name at birth being Sigismund Schlomo Freud, is one of the most iconic characters ever. Known as "the father of psychoanalysis", he is also among the most discussed scholars and…

"Coronavirus reminds us that we are not owners of the world": the profound reflection of Pepe Mujica

At a time like the one we are experiencing in which the Covid-19 pandemic has suddenly turned into a global crisis, we are learning at our own expense that everyone's life is extremely fragile and hanging…

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