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17 famous actors prove how a beard can significantly change a man's appearance

When we talk about beards and ask "better with or without?", there are people who have no doubt about it and who would answer the question in a second. Beards on men are either loved or hated, but the…

A mom encourages her 9-year-old son to attend the birth of his little sister: she wants to teach him how strong women are

Gender equality and respect are life values that everyone should learn, to create a better and fairer society than the one we are living in, and it is important that these precious teachings are taught…

Waitress turns away a customer because there were no seats: later she discovers that he was Adam Sandler

VIPs, we love them and hate them at the same time. We can only be passionate about their work, whether they are actors or singers, yet at the same time we do nothing but envy their privileged position…

That time Princess Diana hugged a grieving mother at her son's grave

For those who were already adults during the 90s, they know very well how much Princess Diana, Princess of Wales, was a personality who was not only linked to the fate of the English royal family, but…

From rags to riches: 17 photos depicting some VIPs before they became stars loved by the whole world

We saw them appear for the first time on TV, in the cinema, or we still remember the debut of their first song, or the first movie they appeared in. Now time has passed, as it had for everyone, and we…

Robin Williams made sure every movie he starred in hired homeless people, his agent reveals

That Robin Williams was one of the most loved American actors by young and old is now well known; in his long career as an actor he made people laugh and moved them at the same time, a rare gift for an…

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