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A young man with Down syndrome risked his life to save two strangers, refusing to remain indifferent

Courage has no gender, race, religion, or political ideology, nor does it allow itself to be stopped by a disability. Helping others is a natural instinct but it more strongly developed in some people…

A baby girl had not received hospital visits for 5 months. The nurse who assists her decides to adopt her

Those who work in a hospital constantly hear about and see stories of illness and healing. These are often stories about patients that hurt and are hard to accept even if you are in the hospital just…

The actor Morgan Freeman turns his 50-acre ranch into a sanctuary for bees

In recent decades, farmers and scientists have observed a drastic reduction in the world population of bees. In fact, they are decreasing because of climate change, the increasingly invasive use of pesticides…

"A Gift" - a touching poem by Mahatma Gandhi which is still incredibly current

Sharing is something most of us do, every day from sharing a nice photo with the group of friends, a thought on social media, some news just released, or the recipe for a freshly baked cake with a close…

They met 84 years ago and have been friends ever since and every year they celebrate their birthday together!

How many people cross our path during our lifetime? And how many of these travel a long stretch of road with us? Few, very few. In addition, the more we advance in age, the more the people we surround…

This man is over 50 but he looks like he is 20 years old! Here is the diet that he says to follow to stay in shape ...

He was born in 1967.  Yep, you got it. This man, named Chuando Tan, has already passed the threshold of 50 years of age, although no one would say or believe that before taking a look at his identity…

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