As a child they made fun of her for…
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As a child they made fun of her for the humble work her parents did: when she grows up, she became Miss Universe

September 12, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

One of the most famous expressions says, "if you can dream it, you can do it" and indeed this is true - but you must be willing to overcome many difficulties to achieve your dreams. The story we want to tell you about today has the flavor of a fairytale from times past.

Beautiful Anna Sueangam-iam was the only one of 29 contestants to enter the Miss Universe pageant in Thailand with a Thai surname. The other 28 contestants had foreign surnames and almost all came from wealthy families. Here is Anna's story:

via: AsiaNews

Anna is a 23-year-old woman is originally from Thailand and, like many girls her age in her country, she comes from a humble family who worked every day of their lives to make ends meet. Although Anna is immensely proud of it, she has had to fight against the prejudices of people for the simple fact that her parents worked as garbage collectors.

Anna Sueangam-iam's path in life is nothing short of inspiring. As a child, she played with toys her parents found in the trash while working for the Bangkok metropolitan administration. She attended Mahannaparam School and earned a BA in Arts with Honors from Kasetsart University. All these remarkable achievements have not spared her the cruelty of some online users who, once they discovered her origins, nicknamed her "Miss Dump". The young woman did not allow herself to be discouraged by these unkind comments and continued her participation at the Miss Universe, Thailand 2022, contest.

Even through all these difficulties, Anna made her way on her own. In 2018 she was crowned Miss Mobile Thailand 2018. She was the runner-up in the Miss Thinn Thai Ngarm contest in 2020 and, in the same year, she participated in the Miss Thailand competion, but she did not finish in the top five. In the 2022 event, she became a darling for the public and the winner of the competition.

On the final evening, when asked what she would like to do to lift the spirits of suffering people around the world, Anna replied: "You are not the only ones facing despair. I was desperate too. We need to learn from our problems to adapt and survive. I invite all of you to trust yourselves and stand up to fight again. If I can do it, you can too. "

A great example of tenacity and willpower, two qualities that have allowed her to realize a great dream. Congratulations to this beautiful young woman.


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