She invites a homeless man to eat with her and shortly thereafter he reveals that she had stopped him from taking his own life -
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She invites a homeless man to eat with…
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She invites a homeless man to eat with her and shortly thereafter he reveals that she had stopped him from taking his own life


She does not even know very well what it was that pushed her to try to talk to that unkempt man, who looked like he was probably a homeless person. Moreover, the man did not even want to chat with her and at first, he almost chased her away.

Yet Casey felt for some reason that she had to insist and try to get something positive from their conversation, so she insisted and at the end of the story her intuition turned out to be correct.

Casey, a young American girl, shared what happened in a post on Facebook that in a very short time has been shared thousands of times. Here's what happened between her and the homeless man ...

"Today in front of a Dunkin donut store I saw a guy, a homeless man, asking for change, and then counting the coins in his hand, he entered the Dunkin. He had just over a dollar, so I did not hesitate to offer him a cup of coffee and then I invited him to sit with me at a table.

At first, he did not want to talk to me, and he said very few words. But I was determined, so I insisted, and in the end, I got some results. In fact, we talked for hours and he told me how very often people are very rude to him because he is a homeless person. He told me how drugs had turned him into a disgusting person, and that he never knew his father, and that he had lost his mother to cancer and that he still dreams of becoming someone that his mother would be proud of.

In the end, I also discovered that his name is Chris. I realized that a sweet and sensitive person was hiding behind that unkempt appearance. He spoke about himself with an honesty that I had never had the chance to encounter and appreciate before. When it was time for me to go, he begged me to stay a few minutes longer because he wanted to write me a message. He handed me a piece of crumpled paper, apologized for his handwriting and left. I opened the note and on it, he had written: "Today I wanted to kill myself but thanks to you, I changed my mind ... Thank you, beautiful person."

Often we create and hold prejudices against people when in reality we cannot even imagine the situation they may be living in. In fact, this girl, by deciding to talk to one of the homeless, managed to make a huge difference in this homeless man's life.


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