Daniel Craig: "I will not leave a millionaire legacy to my two daughters, I don't think it's a good thing"

Alison Forde

August 20, 2021

Daniel Craig:

The richer people are, the more stingy they get. We usually believe that this is the case for people who have accumulated a lot of money in their life, and this is a truth that sometimes has a concrete proof in life and other times it does not. In fact, it's not always the case that those with conspicuous wealth are reluctant to spend it; there are those such as the British actor Daniel Craig who declared that he doesn't want to leave much of his financial legacy to future generations, especially to his two children ...

via Sky News


Elen Nivrae/Wikimedia

The British actor who has become an top celebrity in recent years for taking on the role of agent 007 James Bond in the latest blockbuster films, recently made a statement that has sparked a controversy on the web; many users have lashed out at his statement by calling him as a miser, while others have not been able to do anything but agree with his "school" of thought regarding the economic legacy to be given to future generations: "Isn't there an old saying that if you leave this Earth rich, you have failed? I think Andrew Carnegie, a famous American industrialist, gave away what in today's cash currency would be about 11 billion dollars, which shows how rich he was because I bet he he also kept some of it for himself and his family. But the reality is that I don't want to leave large sums to the next generation. I think everything about inheritance is pretty nasty. My philosophy is to get rid of it or give it away before I die."

Tracy Olson/Flickr

Daniel Craig's estimated fortune in 2021 is around 116 million pounds and he currently has two daughters: 29-year-old Ella from a previous marriage to Fiona Lourdon, and a much younger daughter of only three years, whom he had with the English actress Rachel Weisz in 2018.

No dad's inheritance for his two daughters, according to the British star's statements. What do you think, did the actor  have an attitude which is a little too selfish towards his family or do you agree with his reasoning?