"He who looks perfect on the outside,…
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"He who looks perfect on the outside, hides the most demons of all": 15 of the most famous quotations by Sigmund Freud

July 23, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Sigmund Freud, his given name at birth being Sigismund Schlomo Freud, is one of the most iconic characters ever. Known as "the father of psychoanalysis", he is also among the most discussed scholars and scientists ever. Considered by many to be a precursor, by others a mystifier. He was the first to highlight the connections between the subconscious and human behavior. For his progressive theories he is considered the first theorist of the sexual revolution in a feminist sense.

Here are some of his most famous aphorisms, useful ideas for reflecting on our psychology and relationships with others.

image: Enrico/Flickr

He who looks perfect on the outside, hides the most demons of all.
It is easier to handle insults than praise.
When you love you are more vulnerable, when you lose love you are more unhappy.
The absence of shame is a sign of stupidity.
Happiness was not among the priorities in the creation plan.
What you do in bed with someone is entirely permitted, the important thing is that both of you like it.
The real deviation in sex is total abstinence from it. Everything else is just a matter of taste.

Often those with low self-esteem are simply surrounded by stupid people.
We are always more moral than we think, but also less than we imagine.
Reality is largely a mystery, while many certainties come from unreal things.
He who is considered normal is so, but always only in part.
Meditating on the meaning of life is the first symptom of madness.
Founding civilization was humanity's first real insult.
The only ones to love each other, always and forever, are the addict and his drug.
Modern times are strange, evolution coincides with barbarization.


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