Bride refuses to let groom's daughter stand beside her during the wedding ceremony -
Bride refuses to let groom's daughter…
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Bride refuses to let groom's daughter stand beside her during the wedding ceremony

July 21, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Some people have the idea that, once they're married, they can change their partner in whichever way suits them. To act a certain way until he or she puts a ring on your finger and then completely change after you're married is not a great strategy for having a successful marriage. The key to a functioning relationship is being open and honest with who you are from the very beginning. Otherwise, you'll end up like this poor man who, on his wedding day, had the surprise of his life when his bride-to-be no longer wanted his 3-year-old daughter to be in the wedding. 

via: Nzherald

image: Pixabay

Ths bridezilla, if we can call her that, seems like it would be a red flag to most people. Apparently, she'd tried to play it off as she just didn't want any children to attend the wedding. After all, children are noisy and can never follow directions correctly. The presence of children would onyl ruin the chic atmosphere she was hoping to create for the wedding.

Although the groom agreed that they didn't have to invite other children, he made it clear that he wanted his daughter to be there. After all, she was a big part of his life and, after they were married, she would be a big part of the woman's wife as well. 

image: Pexels

The woman, of course, had to choice but to agree to her fiance's request. That is, until the wedding was days away and the woman couldn't resist but to show her true colors, posting a comment on her Facebook page about how she honestly didn't want her future stepdaughter to be at the wedding at all. 

She made a big mistake posting the comment, because it didn't take long for users to call her out for being a fake. Marrying someone means marrying their entire family; you can't cut out the parts you like about the person and expect them to leave behind the rest. Especially if we're talking about someone who has kids. 

Some people just don't get what being in a relationship means. They think they can act nice for awhile and then do whatever they want once they have the other person "wrapped around their finger". We only only that, for the groom's sake, he got out of that relationship before they said their "I dos". 


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