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A single gay man has adopted a little…
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A single gay man has adopted a little girl who had lived alone in hospital for a year

July 13, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Pablo Fracchia is one of those people to admire who has dedicated his whole life to helping others, especially the most unfortunate. The 36-year-old man has always been involved in various humanitarian causes and his help in areas where catastrophes have occurred has never been lacking. Today, however, Pablo is dedicating himself completely to a new "adventure", always driven by his altruistic spirit: the young man from Buenos Aires has managed to adopt a splendid little girl named Mia who for one year had lived alone in an Argentine hospital, without any family by her side.

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It is not a simple thing that the authorities entrust a child to a single gay man, so Pablo's road has been all uphill. The man had long since given up his dream of becoming a parent considering the bureaucratic and other difficulties. When, however, Pablo became aware of this orphan girl and her story, he couldn't help trying this route. Little Mia had undergone a difficult surgery because her life was at risk due to an intestinal perforation, and she had gone through the whole post-operation period alone, with no one to hug or console her. For 1 year and 10 months Mia had lived in an Argentine hospital, completely alone.

Pablo and 4 other families then tried to adopt little Mia. Pablo first made sure he had the support of his family, after which he attempted the impossible supported by his mother. After attending the interview with his mother, Pablo expected an answer the following day; he and his mother went to lunch together and while looking at each other, Pablo realized he had little hope. But during that lunch the phone rang: it was the judge. Thinking that he had forgotten something, Pablo answered, but it was the happiest news: "Pablo are you still there with your mother? We don't want you to receive this news alone, this call is to tell you that we have chosen you".


You cannot imagine Pablo's joy, who after that call could not stop crying for happiness

From that moment Pablo became Mia's adoptive dad. When they met, the little girl didn't talk and didn't even walk, but after a very short time at Pablo's house, Mia walked, danced, talked and slept peacefully, knowing that her dad would protect her.

"We chose you because we knew Mia needed a person who would hug her for a whole year" - and that's exactly what Pablo has been doing since he became the dad of his beautiful baby girl.

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