The actor Morgan Freeman turns his 50-acre ranch into a sanctuary for bees -
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The actor Morgan Freeman turns his 50-acre…
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The actor Morgan Freeman turns his 50-acre ranch into a sanctuary for bees


In recent decades, farmers and scientists have observed a drastic reduction in the world population of bees.

In fact, they are decreasing because of climate change, the increasingly invasive use of pesticides and because of the consequent general reduction in their natural habitats.

But there are some people who cannot simply be silent and are fighting for the survival of these indispensable insects. Among them, is Morgan Freeman.

via: Forbes

The Oscar-winning actor first became interested in beekeeping in 2014 as a hobby, and since then Morgan has imported more than 26 bee hives from Arkansas onto his 50-acre ranch in Mississippi, which has become a paradise for these bees that are in constant contact with clover, magnolia, and lavender flowers in bloom.

Since then the actor has joined the global movement in support of bee conservation, and continues to raise awareness by telling people how important it is to keep bees alive.

Just think: a colony of bees can pollinate about 300 million flowers a day!

Bees pollinate most of the fruits, nuts, and vegetables we eat, and without these incredible insects, humans as a species would be on the verge of extinction.

The widespread use of chemicals, climate change, and the reduction of the natural habitat of bees are causing the decline of their population, and, following the example of Morgan Freeman, the time to act effectively and efficiently is always more urgent!


There are so many things that each of us can do to save bees from extinction; an effective way to keep the local populations of bees alive is to plant flowers that bees particularly appreciate in our courtyards and gardens, such as echinacea, crocus, hyacinth, marigold, and many others!




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