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Video About Environment

A man dumps his garbage in the woods: after identifying it, the mayor has it all unloaded in his garden

There are people who will always think that they can treat the environment we live in as they please, not caring about pollution, regulations or the preservation of nature. Unfortunately, this is precisely…

With no tourists or boats in sight, Nature reclaims what is rightfully hers and waters in Venice become crystal-clear again

If there's one positive thing coming from the madness we are experiencing right now in Europe, and the rest of the world, it's having the time to think about where our priorities as a society - and as…

A man gets rid of a refrigerator by throwing it over a cliff! The police track him down and make him recover it!

Crimes against the environment have for years been considered a lesser evil than all the others, but fortunately this preconception today is slowly changing. Damaging flora or fauna, spoiling an uncontaminated…

Wearing clothes without ironing them?! This is a new campaign to protect the environment. Goodbye to ironing!

Ironing is one of those really boring and tiring household chores that most of us constantly try to avoid, especially in the summer. Many refuse to iron at all since they are certain they will not achieve…

Asian supermarkets that use banana leaves instead of plastic packaging to save our oceans!

Data and estimates are notable: By 2050, in our oceans, there may be more plastic than fish. This is a sad and not very reassuring forecast, which should never be underestimated.  Although, this is…

A 13-year-old girl is teased because she collects litter in her city and now she has gained worldwide attention

If everyone in their own small way, took personal responsibility to stem the widespread problem of pollution in our environment, planet Earth would be a better place. This is because there are no global…

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