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Nature and humankind are not enemies…
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Nature and humankind are not enemies ...

October 05, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some say that the ground on which our feet stand seems to be rebelling and that the circumspect tones that are still being used to talk about the evolution of our planet only serve to minimize a coming tragedy.

We are all tired of hearing about climate change, believing it is a theme being used to divert attention from more concrete and real facts, and perhaps that is the case. Yet others say that perhaps the biggest mistake of all is to consider all warnings to be non-existent, a reality that can never happen.

However, we are here now and we must deal with our evolving and changing planet.

Some say that the planet is responding mainly to factors caused by human beings such as pollution, soil exploitation, greenhouse gas, and an increase in temperatures. temperature rise.

Recently, there have been some pretty troublesome weeks from many points of view. The world has seen strong natural phenomenon occur in several places around the globe such as in the powerful earthquake in Mexico and the consequent tsunami alert, the hurricanes that struck along the southwest coast of America, and a strong magnetic storm, the most intense in the last 11 years. 

Therefore, it should be pointed out that it is not so clear whether the Earth is simply responding to human interventions and a lack of awareness and responsibility. Nevertheless, the consequences of these natural phenomena are that some people are without a house or have lost family members, animals are dead or missing, and entire towns have been leveled. 

The magnetic storm was so intense that in many cases it interrupted communications, confused GPS signals and created a spectacular aurora even where there is usually none. 

Almost at the same time, an 8.2-magnitude earthquake shook the territory of Mexico, and they had not felt such a strong one in more than 30 years. Like in every earthquake, dozens of people lost their lives, others lost their homes, family, and tranquility. After the earthquake came the fear of the tsunami that could have hit the coastal cities but fortunately did not. 

Nature's recent manifested evolution also includes three hurricanes, called Irma, Jose and Kate, that struck Florida, and the islands of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba, and the Dominican Republic. The maximum power reached was 4 on a 5-stage scale. Although this is the hurricane season, this is the first time such a high number of hurricanes have hit the coastal territory in just one season. In this area there are 3 million people who were without electricity, many others were without drinking water and 90% of the facilities are compromised but fortunately, rescue agencies have been working very hard to restore electricity and bring people the water, food, and other necessities that they require.

In only 48 hours there have been three hurricanes, solar storms, earthquakes and 8 tsunami alerts. Some say that this is a warning of what we should get accustomed to experiencing as a part of the earth's natural evolution, but others say that this is really humankind's last chance to stop these natural phenomena and reverse the negative changes.

Image: NASA / FlickrNOAA / Wikimedia

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