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A man dumps his garbage in the woods:…
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A man dumps his garbage in the woods: after identifying it, the mayor has it all unloaded in his garden

October 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

There are people who will always think that they can treat the environment we live in as they please, not caring about pollution, regulations or the preservation of nature. Unfortunately, this is precisely what comes to mind when we find ourselves faced with nasty sights such as unauthorized waste dumping, illegal landfills or people who leave their garbage wherever they like, degrading the collective space.

Just like the man who, in France, had decided, as if it were completely normal, to dump a large amount of waste in a wooded area near his city. An uncivilized act to say the least that, however, has cost him dearly. After some investigation, in fact, his trash was returned to him in a way that he will not forget so easily.

We are in Boutigny-sur-Essonne, in the Ile de France region, about 60 km from Paris. It's here that one of the residents, evidently needing to get rid of used goods and objects that he no longer wanted, decided to abandon everything in a natural area, polluting and contaminating land not designed to accommodate waste. It is not a rare situation, unfortunately, but this time it was punished in a truly exemplary way.

When city officials discovered the ugly illegal dumping, they began investigating the garbage and were able to trace the person who dumped it there, using a name and address they found on a newspaper subscription. At that point, the mayor of Boutigny, Patricia Bergdolt, had all the old appliances and abandoned waste loaded and arranged for it all to be unloaded in the garden of the guilty party.

A punishment which was, to say the least, meaningful for the man, against whom a financial sanction was also issued to cover all the expenses incurred by the municipality to collect his waste. We are talking of a fine of up to 1500 euros. "Let him serve as an example!" the first citizen commented on the incident. We just have to hope that the person who abandoned his garbage in nature, will think twice before doing so next time, and with him also all those others who might be tempted to do so.


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