Hairy Babies: 17 photos of babies who already had a full head of hair when they were born -
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Hairy Babies: 17 photos of babies who…
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Hairy Babies: 17 photos of babies who already had a full head of hair when they were born

October 19, 2020 • By Alison Forde

When you decide you want a child, you are aware (more or less) of all the difficulties that this choice entails. Certainly this is the beginning of a journey full of joys and infinite love for that little defenseless creature who will need all the necessary attention to be able to grow healthy and strong. It's normal, however, to be apprehensive about sleepless nights, crying, diapers to change and all the other tasks to come. One thing a parent certainly doesn't have to worry about in the first few months of their child's life is their hairstyle. It doesn't matter how much hair they have, because they'll be just fine!

Are you sure? Take a look at the photos of these babies and their thick hair after a few months: they are most impressive!

1. When the wind ruffles your hair in the summer: you know?

2. "When he was little, I couldn't walk around my neighborhood without someone asking me about his hair!"


3. "My 10 month old son and his crazy hair!"

image: Imgur

4. Even with bows ...

5. What a beautiful wig ... ah no!


6. This lovely little girl has lots of very black hair

7. "We hope you will never lose that beautiful hair!"


8. He was born with a mane of very blond hair!

9. This is style!

image: Facebook

10. This really looks like a wig!

11. So cute!

image: Imgur

12. Epic hair...

13. A real gentleman!

14. So much beautiful hair...

15. Your hair looks ready!

16. Little Isabelle already looks like a showbiz star, ready to go on stage!

image: Twitter

17. Here is a newborn Norwegian baby!

image: Imgur
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