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17 babies who, at few months old, have…
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17 babies who, at few months old, have hair so long that it looks like they are wearing a wig

February 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

There is probably no greater joy than witnessing the birth of your child. Even if the first time is never forgotten, it is always an incredible emotion to see a second bundle being born and growing day after day. Many first-time parents will constantly ask themselves how to be a good parent and care for their baby, doubts and thoughts that every mom and dad in the world have faced at least once in their life. But the parents of these 17 children in the photos will have wondered if they should call the hairdresser when they saw the thick hair on their babies. Is it possible that they are so young and they already have all that hair? Well yes: see for yourself!

1. Good morning from baby Elvis!

2. He's only 9 weeks old - let's start off right with all that hair!


3. How cute all these black curls are!

4. A little onion!

5. "She always wakes up with her hair like this after a nap"


6. She's only 2 months old ... and rest assured she's not wearing a wig!

7. So small and she already has beautiful blonde hair!

image: Imgur

8. A little bundle already full of hair!

9. She's very small, but look how much hair she already has!


10. This little girl will be able to wear a pony tail soon!

image: Imgur

11. She certainly doesn't lack hair (or style!)

12. Two months old and she already has a lot of hair to comb ...

13. "Today is already the second time in a few months that I have to trim your hair!"

14. She's not standing up yet but she has so much hair she seems to be wearing a wig - lovely!

15. Lots of hair and lots of expressions from this little girl

16. Electric hair!

17. What amazing hair!

image: Imgur
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