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16 hair transformations that let people be seen in a totally different light ...

Sometimes it takes very little to look different without having to resort to expensive and unnecessary cosmetic surgery. A different hairstyle, a bit of makeup, and updating a wardrobe can make someone…

An image consultant helps people find their individual style ... with amazing results

In Riga (Latvia), there is a school run by the image consultant and fashion analyst Konstantin Bogomolov, the International Education Center "Bogomolov' Image School". Konstantin Bogomolov is the author…

Extra-large hairstyles! Here are 24 surprising images directly from the 1960s

In the 1960s, fashion was distinguished by its bold, colorful characteristics, and for the social standards of the era that could even be defined as quite libertine! Together with strongly decisive skirts…

He declares himself "the best hairdresser in Russia and Europe" and when you see him at work you will understand why!

You are having a party and you want to be impeccable! So, after spending all your time choosing clothes and putting on your makeup, it is time to take care of your hair. Do you already have something…

If you had forgotten how hair was worn in the 1980s then here is a photo gallery that will remind you!

Every epoch has its own symbol, and if we were to summarize the 1980s with a word, we would definitely say hair. These were the years when the hair on the heads of women as well as men was of paramount…
Fashion Hair Wtf

Tired of regrowth she opted for a total change that leaves her unrecognizable!

At 41 years of age, Kerry Groundhoefer's hair was getting a lot of gray and although she loved to wear long hair, the commitment of constantly having to resort to coloring her hair and feeling uncomfortable…

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