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This 9-month-old baby has so much hair that he looks like he's wearing a wig: "People stop me all the time on the street!"

Some babies are born with a lot of hair, while others appear to be almost bald. Why this difference? It should be noted that no child is born really bald, since the so-called fetal fleece, or a thin…

"He looks like a girl": a mother is forced to defend her 2-year-old son's long hair

In our society we have always tried to keep the roles of men and women well separated and recognizable, since childhood: blue for boys and pink for girls, toy cars for him and dolls for her. Today, fortunately,…

This 8-year-old boy has been rejected by all the schools in the county because of his long curly hair

Schools, as well as the workplaces, usually have a code of behavior which also includes rules regarding the appropriate clothing to be worn in the classroom. There are schools that keep the uniform, such…

DIY hairdressing: 16 hilarious haircuts that have proved to be a real disaster

A haircut is a very important "ritual", both for men and for women, because in addition to restoring your desired look, it could mark the passage of a great change. We know that when there is an air of…
Absurd Funny Hair

A hairdresser encourages her clients to change their look with a short cut: 15 well executed styles

When it comes to changing our look, we can feel a mixture of apprehension and excitement: a simple haircut can hide a desire for change that goes beyond physical appearances. Because a new look can also…

15 women who have given up on hair color and proudly show off the natural beauty of gray hair

As we age, the appearance of gray hair makes many women uncomfortable. Already around the age of 30 we begin to notice the change in color and, with the passage of time, the hair takes on an increasingly…

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