He shaves his beard after 8 years and…
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He shaves his beard after 8 years and leaves everyone stunned: even his wife now finds it hard to recognize him

November 06, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Many men nowadays choose to let their beards grow, partly for fashion, partly to try to improve their appearance. If women like to take care of themselves by shopping for beauty products of various kinds, including conditioners and hair masks, men are starting to take care of their beards. In fact, it always required a thorough cleaning and some attention, especially if you have a very long beard. In any case, a beard is something you like or you don't like: there is no middle ground! Eric Bandholz, the founder of a brand dedicated to beard care, "Beardbrand", is well aware of this, and he decided to shave after 8 years, provoking mixed reactions from all his staff and, above all, from his wife.

Eric is the founder of a brand, Brandbeard, dedicated to selling beard and mustache care products. Through his business, Eric gives a lot of advice to his clients on skin care, shaving and how to get the right look for your beard. After 8 long years of growing his beard and it having reached a considerable length, the company CEO and loving husband decided to make a drastic change by going clean shaven! To tell the truth, Eric did it motivated solely by a medical concern: his beard hid a small lump under his neck, which was an impediment to the necessary investigations being carried out. Eric therefore decided to shave for the first time in eight years and to document his incredible transformation. 

Together with one of his collaborators, Eric put himself to the making of a video in which he presented different beard styles: slowly as the beard got shorter, the barber found new ways to style it better and better. And here, from this personal initiative, a video catalog was born of how you can choose to wear a beard today! At one point in the video, Eric is left with just a big handlebar mustache that let us see most of his face. The last step, of course, was the definitive one: a totally bare-faced look!


None of his team had ever been used to seeing him without a beard and, to be honest, even his wife was shocked at the sight of her completely bare faced husband: "Oh my God!" the woman kept repeating with a chuckle, "you look exactly like when I met you in college. You're the college version of my husband!" Eric's wife felt mixed emotions when faced with her beardless husband: on the other hand, when you get used to someone's appearance, even the smallest changes can make us feel a little strange at first. In any case, even Eric himself was shocked when he looked in the mirror. He wasn't used to seeing himself without a beard either.

An amazing transformation!

Many internet viewers criticized the wife's reaction, while others apologized for the woman who, in the throes of a small hysterical fit, giggled and prayed that Eric's beard would grow back quickly. It's not easy to get used to changes, don't you agree?

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