She doesn't like to play with her children and prefers to have time to herself: "I'm a terrible mom" -
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She doesn't like to play with her children…
A troubled mother asks for help from her daughter who is in work but is called

She doesn't like to play with her children and prefers to have time to herself: "I'm a terrible mom"

October 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Being the perfect parent is never easy and, unfortunately, there is no manual to learn how to be a perfect dad or mom. Once you have chosen to have a child, however, there is a series of natural responsibilities that each of us must necessarily take on. Sometimes, it can happen that you go through a moment of despair because taking care of your children means sacrificing a lot of your free time, but you must always remind yourself that this is a momentary situation, as the children will grow up sooner or later. In addition to enjoying free time with them, then - moments of play that will never return - we need to think about their growth. One mother's choice has caused discussion on the web because, by her own admission, her way of behaving makes her a "terrible mother". The reason? She doesn't like to play with her children and doesn't want to give up her personal space.

via: Honey Nine

The mother in question has defined herself as "selfish" and "self-centered" because, despite having two children, she prefers to spend her free time alone. Not limiting your time solely to spending with your children is okay, but admitting you're irritated when you play with them is another matter. This mother recognizes the fact that she has always been not very patient with them: "When they were little I was always with them, as much as possible. But then I found myself getting irritated by whatever they did". Currently, it appears that Mom sends them up in their room at 8:30 pm sharp, every evening, after dinner, in order to have some free time to watch her favorite TV series and films in peace. In short, from that hour on, the children know that they must not disturb their mother.

An attitude that has been strongly criticized by her sister, who, on the other hand, seems to be an excellent mother. She never misses an opportunity to remind her sister that when you have small children, you necessarily have a lot less time for yourself. The hours devoted to one's own leisure, unfortunately, are reduced to a minimum; on the other hand, these sacrifices are made for excellent reasons!

This mom knows she has to change her attitude, too, because she admits she doesn't want to be labeled the "bad" parent, while the little ones' dad is always seen as the "fun parent". We are not sure that these are the best attitude to go forward with, but recognizing that change is necessary is already a step forward for this mother.

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