This woman has finally passed her practical driving test: "After 27 years I got my license!" -
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This woman has finally passed her practical…
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This woman has finally passed her practical driving test: "After 27 years I got my license!"

October 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When you do the practical driving test you can be certain that being anxious is normal, but after several hours of practice you shouldn't have any problems. During the exam you need to have a lot more preparation than just driving on the street, as some rules that seem obvious could completely compromise the driving test. For example, you have to pull out into the traffic in a certain way, havign adjusted the mirrors and set up your driving seat in a certain way. Checking the mirrors is another practice that, in truth, is essential to do as much in driving school as on the street. Catherine Ward, a Dublin woman, has endured a great deal to get her driver's license - a 27-year nightmare in fact! The biggest stumbling block was not the theory exam, as one might expect, but the practical one. The woman, in fact, was repeatedly rejected due to her lack of attention during the exam.

I PASSED!!!!! 27 YEARS ON A PROVISIONAL LICENCE! Neil is speaking to Catherine Ward. She's a Dubliner living in Cork....

Pubblicato da Corks RedFM 104-106 su Martedì 5 ottobre 2021

Cathrine Ward has been trying to get her license for 27 years, paying for expensive driving lessons and trying hard to achieve the result. All her efforts of hers were in vain for a long time, as the Irish woman was constantly rejected due to some distraction during the practical exam. Yet, Cathrine did a lot prctice driving and before each exam she took at least 5 or 6 lessons. Every time she failed, until she finally realized her dream: after twenty-seven years she managed to get her license! Checking the mirrors when exiting a roundabout, for example, was one of the practices that Cathrine was often failed on, because she simply forgot to do it. A mistake that cost her another failure. 

The woman said, delighted to have finally reached this milestone: "I could not believe it, I was in seventh heaven. I was almost about to give up. I took four or five lessons each time before going to take the test, also this time. But this time I went out with the feeling that I would get it. This year I wanted to get my driving license at all costs!".

Congratulations to this woman who has shown how, with determination and tenacity, you always get the best results!


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