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A young woman asks a couple to leave…
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A young woman asks a couple to leave a restaurant because their son is crying and yelling too much: "He's ruining my dinner"

October 19, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Usually, we plan a nice dinner at a restaurant to celebrate some special occasion or, simply, to spend a nice relaxing evening in the company of the people you love the most. In short, usually, you don't go to eat in restaurants every day of your life, which is why you expect that at least on the occasions when you book a table, the experience will be unforgettable ... or at least pleasant! Any kind of inconvenience could inexorably ruin the evening. Yet, even parents with small children have the right to enjoy an occasional evening out, taking their little ones with them. The child, however, could spoil the atmosphere with screams, shouts and tantrums. What to do then? A young woman's request for quiet caused a lot of discussion because, on such an occasion, she asked a mother to leave a restaurant with her son.

via: Reddit

A 23-year-old girl reported her experience as a customer in a restaurant, where she went to eat with her boyfriend, to ask Reddit readers if her reaction had been a bit too over the top. The young woman had gone to the restaurant to enjoy a special evening, but suddenly the children belonging to a couple sitting a couple of tables away started screaming and complaining. We don't know why they were yelling inside a restaurant, but no one seemed to be doing anything to stop them. The oldest must have been 10 years old, while the smallest was around 2; the parents appeared to be in their thirties. The annoyance went on for a good ten minutes and neither child seemed willing to stop. At that point, the young woman got up and went to the couple to tell off the entire family:

"Just as we started enjoying our meal, the youngest child started screaming, for some reason I don't know, and it went on for about 10 minutes. At that point I got annoyed, since I was paying to enjoy my meal".

The young woman approached the couple's table, asking them courteously to take the children away until they calmed down: both she and the other customers were trying to enjoy the evening and all those screams were certainly not helping to enhance the atmosphere. The mother of the children was not at all happy with that request and replied to the young woman that her son "is just a baby" and that she should have shown a little more understanding. The family then complained to a waiter that the young woman's request had made everyone uncomfortable, but then another customer stepped forward, taking up the argument in favor of the 23-year-old. Eventually, the family decided to get up and leave, - the mother, of course, gave the young woman a dirty look before leaving!

The young woman told this story to one of her friends, who seemed to empathize much more with the family who had been forced to leave the place rather than with her. And what do you think of this? Let us know in the comments!



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