"He looks like a girl": a mother is…
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"He looks like a girl": a mother is forced to defend her 2-year-old son's long hair

September 09, 2021 • By Alison Forde

In our society we have always tried to keep the roles of men and women well separated and recognizable, since childhood: blue for boys and pink for girls, toy cars for him and dolls for her. Today, fortunately, these gender stereotypes are falling by the wayside to an extent, although they are still inappropriate adhered to on many occasions. Paloma Jesus, for example, mother of little Pedro, is extremely sorry whenever people comment about her son because of his long hair. Apparently, the child of only 2 years, is often attacked because of his long hair: "he looks like a girl" or "the long hair is for a girl" are the phrases that the baby's mother hears most often.

Paloma Jesus is the mother of 3 children, including Pedro, a two-year-old boy who sports beautiful brown hair. The young mother loves to share her life on social media from time to time and it happens that she also posts some photos of Pedro. Unfortunately, she found herself reading and replying to some nasty messages from some internet users who didn't like her son's hair. The problem? His long hair "is feminine". Yet, Pedro doesn't seem to care about any of this: at 2 he is happy, plays with his brothers and is content with how he looks, including his hair.

Some internet users asked Paloma: "Did you by any chance want a daughter? Because long hair is for girls". The woman was very upset reading those comments and, even if she initially preferred to ignore them, she wanted to give an explanation and defend the choice keeping Pedro's long hair. The fact is that Pedro's hair grows very fast and for the moment he is keeping it long, considering that it is beautiful and that he does not mind.


The young mother stressed how absurd it is for people to worry about a child in these terms: wearing long hair is not a stance or a deliberate choice around one's sexual orientation, especially if we are talking about a small child. Pedro, in his naivety and purity, feels great with his long hair: why should fear of evil judgment influence his decisions?

With her complaint on social media, Pedro's mom hopes to make people more aware and to cause reflection, even those who, behind the screen and a keyboard, feel like a "warrior" in even judging a 2-year-old child. 

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