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He pretends he's "pregnant" for a day…
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He pretends he's "pregnant" for a day to prove that pregnancy isn't that bad, but he was wrong

September 07, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Carrying a baby is not exactly a walk in the park: in addition to nausea, contractions and all possible complications, there are objective difficulties that affect daily life. An Australian guy named Maitland Hanley, when he saw that his partner was pregnant, wanted to undergo a really unusual challenge, that is to try to live the everyday life of a pregnant woman. How? Well, by pretending to be "pregnant" of course! The young man made this home experiment with an ironic spirit, starting from the assumption that, after all, "pregnancy is not that heavy". The result? He understood at his own expense that he was very wrong!

The young man pretended to be pregnant for a whole day, just like we might have done as children: he used a watermelon and two other melons to simulate the belly and enlarged breasts, tying everything up with a lot of cling film. After that, he tried to do some simple activities a woman might do in her routine, such as putting on her shoes, getting out of bed, or getting out of the bathtub. Each of these activities was promptly captured on video by his partner, who was really pregnant, and by a mutual friend, who then published all the hilarious reportage on TikTok.

How did the experiment go? Certainly not as Maitland imagined it! Getting out of bed turned out to be a tiring and not exactly easy activity - not what it should have been! Obviously, the scene was accompanied by loud laughter from his partner and his friend. The same difficulty arose in getting out of a bathtub or, even more simply, being able to get back on your feet after doing some movement: "You can't put pressure on your stomach!" his companion scolds him, while she sees him rolling on the floor in an attempt to get up.

Finally, not to mention the simple act of putting on shoes: "That's why pregnant women often stay barefoot in the house" Maitland must have thought as he tried desperately to put on his right shoe and stay balanced.



The only easily manageable business? Going to McDonald's to satisfy your "cravings"! In short, Maitland realized for himself that carrying several kilos in his belly for 9 months is not exactly a walk in the park.

Sure, the experiment was conducted in a fun way, to make everyone laugh, but it hides a grain of truth: the non-pregnant partner must have an eye for the pregnant partner and not diminish her pains and difficulties, just because it is "a natural thing" and "if my grandmother did it, you can too".

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