Mother-in-law to be books a first-class flight for everyone except her future daughter-in-law: the young woman feels humiliated and leaves the airport -
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Mother-in-law to be books a first-class…
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Mother-in-law to be books a first-class flight for everyone except her future daughter-in-law: the young woman feels humiliated and leaves the airport

April 24, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Organizing a family vacation can have its pros and cons. In fact, it's not always easy to get people to agree about key issues. Whether it's about the destination, the time of year, the means of transport or any other detail of a trip, everyone has their own point of view that they want to defend. And if you are a couple and one of the two decides to invite their family along, things can get really difficult.

In an uncomfortable and unpleasant situation just like this, the subject of our story posted about her experience on Reddit, and explained about the horrible experience she had because of her boyfriend and his mother. Let's read her story:

via: Reddit

User @NotGoingThank told her story on the web to blow off steam and also to ask for advice from the many people who would read her story. The young woman wrote that she was planning a vacation with her boyfriend and his family. "Once we arrived at the airport, I realized that Becky, my mother-in-law to be, had bought a plane ticket for herself and 6 other people in first class, while for me, she had bought one in second class (coach). I knew that she didn't particularly like me, but I found what she had done to be extremely rude. " recounted the young woman on Reddit.

According to the narrative, Becky had always made unsavory remarks about the girl's parents' and also about her training to be a nurse. But despite this, let's think about the situation for a moment: imagine arriving at the airport with all your travel companions and discovering that you are going to be treated differently - this is not exactly the nicest thing to happen.

The young woman continued with her story: "I got into a different line for boarding and I also discovered that I had to pay a fee for my luggage. At that moment, I noticed the smug look of my future mother-in-law and my boyfriend was completely immobile and wouldn't help me. He didn't come near me for a moment nor come to my aid. At one point I couldn't stand and I burst into tears. The airport attendant who was handling my ticket spoke to me and tried to console me. I explained the problem to him and he suggested that I do me not leave, since that family obviously did not consider me up to par - and above all, because they did not deserve me ".
Thanks to these words, the young woman realized what was really happening and she had a huge argument with both her boyfriend and his mother. She pointed out her disappointment and the disrespect that had been shown to her. And right there and then, the boyfriend became her ex in short order. In the following days, he tried to contact her by phone, but not to apologize for her: he just wanted to point out that he had wasted time and money of the other people who had organized the holiday for her too.

The comments to the post were not long in coming and the response was unanimous in saying that the girl had done the right thing not to leave. "The clerk was right: if you got on the plane they would have treated you badly for the whole holiday. You did the right thing," wrote one follower. Another echoes this response with these words: "Now you feel down, you think you have lost something important, but you have not and with time, you will realize it. You will surely find someone better than that young man." Everyone, in one way or another, encouraged the young woman and told her that she had done the right thing. That boy did not deserve her; he was too attached to his mother and would never have given priority to her.

A sad story that shows how deleterious family relationships can be. Sometimes, parents, in-laws, or siblings do not realize what they are doing and the damage they could cause in the life of a loved one by acting in an unthinking way.

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