Man sneaks into a stranger's garden, takes out the lawnmower and cuts the grass: he is wanted by police for trespassing -
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Man sneaks into a stranger's garden,…
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Man sneaks into a stranger's garden, takes out the lawnmower and cuts the grass: he is wanted by police for trespassing

May 19, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

What do you usually do when the grass in your garden is too long and needs to be cut? Those who are capable of doing it, do it by themselves, those who are not and need a hand, call a gardener, make an appointment and wait for the appointed day to arrive to get the lawn mowed by a professional. If, on the other hand, one evening a "good Samaritan" arrives to do all this without having been asked by anyone and without being paid, what would you think? Maybe you would think that it is not possible and that no one would ever do such a thing. This is not always the case, however, and the story we are about to tell you about proves this.

In this case, a complete stranger broke into strangers' homes and mowed the lawn. Unfortunately for him, and despite this gesture of "altruism", he is wanted by the police for having trespassed on private property. The full story is described in detail below:

Introducing Marcus Renard Hubbard - a man from Texas who trespassed in a garden a few nights ago just to cut the grass.

The images from surveillance cameras of the house prove this criminal act. In fact, Marcus is seen entering the garden, moving some objects around and pulling out the lawnmower. Then the man takes a can of petrol and fills the tank in such a way as to make it ready to use.

Once this was done, the mower was ready for use and the man started his work. In the surveillance images, taken by both the rear and front cameras of the house, he can be seen engaged in cutting the lawn diligently. There is no point that he tries to hide himself or his face, and he also took the trouble to make sure he did a good job. And just to think that this would have been considered a professional job if only it hadn't been completely illegal.

And it was too bad that his lawn-cutting services had not been requested by the owners of the house and that ended in a police charge being laid against him. Marcus, despite not having committed any vandalism, theft or similar crime, violated private property (trespassing) and for this, he has made himself legally prosecutable and has become a wanted man.


The owners of the house, as soon as they realized what was happening, contacted the police and reported the man's presence on their property. Officers rushed to the scene immediately, but Marcus had managed to escape moments earlier, alerted by the police car sirens.

On the run with the lawnmower, the man hid in an alley not far from the house and from there, before continuing his getaway, he abandoned the mower - which was later found by the police.

This is an incredible story and that raises one question above all else: why did he do it?

Why on one evening did this man feel the uncontrollable need to mow that specific lawn? Was it really in such a bad shape? Maybe yes, or maybe no. What is certain is that we will never get an answer to all of this unless he himself provides one.

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