Dad overhears a conversation between his new wife and son: she doesn't want him to attend dinner on Mother's Day -
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Dad overhears a conversation between…
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Dad overhears a conversation between his new wife and son: she doesn't want him to attend dinner on Mother's Day

May 22, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Each of us has our own personality, and unless there are characteristics of our personalities that can hurt someone else's sensitivities or that are debilitative to the person themself, it is difficult to change one's personality completely. You can improve your character over the years, this is true, but you can't force a personality change. A dad talked about his particular family situation on Reddit and described how his 13-year-old son is particularly introverted. This is nothing much to worry about, the boy just needs a lot of space and privacy. The second wife of this father, however, and his stepdaughter, do not seem to share this attitude towards "the anti-social son" - so much so that they have said and done things that have led the family to break up.

via: Reddit

Let's take a step back: the man who told his story on Reddit is a 37-year-old dad who had a 13-year-old son from a previous relationship. His current wife also had a daughter - now 16 - by her previous husband, and they are all currently living together under the same roof. No particular problems had occurred between them except for the fact that the introverted character of the boy clashed with the more outgoing personalities of his "stepmother" and older half-sister. The father, however, had explained to his wife that his son needed his space and to be allowed to spend his time as he thought best. They should have understood and respected this. Both of them said they agreed, of course, but on the first occasion they showed themselves to be hypocrites.
The problems came to a head on Mother's Day. The man wanted to surprise his wife and take the whole family out to dinner at what should have been a special celebration. However, things turned out very differently.

Even though the surprise dinner was discovered, it was still supposed to be a special day. Here, however, is what happened that same afternoon: "Yesterday I left work earlier than usual to finish the last things (we planned to celebrate at the restaurant and we invited my wife's family), I had the keys to the house and as I was entering the front door I heard my wife and stepdaughter talking to my son. My wife was asking my son if he could persuade me to let him stay at home and not go to a restaurant with them to celebrate. "

Once he had heard this, the man remained waiting behind the door, curious to see how the conversation would continue.

"My son asked her why she had made this request and she told him that his introverted and socially unsuitable 'attitude' would make her family uncomfortable and ruin everyone's good time. He kept promising her that he would behave well and that he would try to interact and socialize with everyone, but she said she didn't believe him. He kept reassuring her, but she finally snapped and told him that technically she wasn't even his mother, so she didn't understand why he wanted to celebrate Mother's Day with her at all".


After the conversation, the two were stunned to discover that the man was standing right behind the door. The man ordered his son and stepdaughter to go to their rooms and then stated to his wife that the party at the restaurant was canceled - there would be no celebration that day. The woman flew into a rage and she tried to justify herself, but was unable to sway her husband. After that, the woman went to the restaurant with her stepdaughter and her family, without saying a word, not even via text with the man.

The man, although he feels guilty for having canceled such an important celebration at the last minute, considered it much more important to protect his son. What do you think about this?

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