Mom loves her huge eyebrows: on the web they criticize her and want to call social services -
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Mom loves her huge eyebrows: on the…
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Mom loves her huge eyebrows: on the web they criticize her and want to call social services

March 30, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Can the way one looks really affect one's personality? In theory, it should be everyone's personality that is externalized in various ways, including with clothing and makeup. An English mother, however, has definitely made headlines because of her unusual look - so much so that users have judged her to be "a bad mother". But what does being a good parent have to do with the outfit or makeup a mother chooses to go around with? There are many who judge the qualities and virtues of a person exclusively by their appearance and other external elements, and 27-year-old Sammie-Jo Hailford has fallen prey precisely to this sort of prejudice. The reason? Her startling, fake eyebrows.

The unusual habit of Sammie-Jo Hailford is that, for a whole year, she has painted giant black eyebrows on her face, thereby attracting a considerable amount of comments on what these critics state is a complete lack judgement and of personal taste in terms of make-up and aesthetics. Tastes are subjective, as we well know, and we shouldn’t judge anyone, but the web is full of evil trolls and the indignant and offensive comments against her have kept flooding in. As Sammie-Jo is a young mother, someone also wrote to her that she would call social services.

"They can call social services all they want," the young woman replied in an exclusive interview with the Daily Star, "because I have nothing to hide. My eyebrows don't determine if I'm a good mother or not."

"I'm not a big fan of the beauty standards today" explained the young mother, who replied with a nice video - in the company of her small daughter - to users who left her comments like: "If you were my mother, I would be afraid". Sammie's daughter, of course, has no fear of her mom and her huge, black eyebrows.

"I feel that people are socially conditioned to be beautiful only if they are compliant with the standards today and I simply disagree and I don't like it," concluded the young mom with conviction.


Sammy-Joe says the cruelest comments to date are the ones she gets online, but they don't hurt her like they used to: "I think in the last three years I've found myself, I've been in therapy to realize I'm a good person no matter how I look or what I decide to do. Cruel messages don't hurt me now. I'm trying to raise awareness that people can be different. "

We can only agree with the words of this young mother and wish her the best of luck. What do you think about this story?

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