"My girlfriend takes a shower only once every 2 weeks: I sleep on the sofa because I can't stand her stink"

Mark Bennett

November 12, 2022


Maintaining a stable and lasting relationship is not easy and each partner must do their utmost to respect the other. Relationships, in fact, are not based only on love, but also a set of shared rules and norms. The latter of these could increase even more if you decide to get married or decide to live together. It is in these moments that the relationship undergoes its true test.

When you decide to live under the same roof, you discover previously unknown habits of your partner that may not be appreciated or understood . This is what happened to the subject of this story.

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In an internet post, a man said he had decided to move in with his girlfriend. After three years of being together and in a very positive relationship, the couple decided to take this important step. It was too bad then, that problems arose. Living in the same house, the man discovered a habit of his partner that he was not happy about at all.

"I love her, but I discovered that she washes herself very little - at most, once every two weeks and this bothers me. In the three years of our courting I never smelled unpleasant smells or knew she did not wash frequently. When we started living together, I started to notice her strange washing habits, but I didn't give it too much weight. But after a while, I couldn't bear the smell anymore, " the man said.

As a result, the man started to sleep on the sofa, rather than be in bed with his fiance, to avoid the smell. Over time, he also attempted to raise the matter, but she only replied that she is free to decide how often to wash herself.

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The issue has obviously created a tension between the couple, which is why the man decided to turn to the web for advice. Beyond the amazement in learning that this woman washes so infrequently, users who left a comment encouraged better, open, frank communication"For example, you could suggest she washes her hair less and her body more," commented one user.

What advice would you give this man and how would you act in his place?