Construction worker has a barbecue in the courtyard of a building: a woman, tired of the smoke, puts out the fire with a hydrojet (+ VIDEO) -
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Construction worker has a barbecue in…
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Construction worker has a barbecue in the courtyard of a building: a woman, tired of the smoke, puts out the fire with a hydrojet (+ VIDEO)

April 21, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

Let's be honest: living in a city is not easy. A large or smaller metropolis has its pros and cons. All services are close at hand and often there is no need to take the car to get around, and you can do just about everything within walking range. However, one will have to deal with other, less positive, aspects of city dwelling: noise, smog, traffic. Not to mention that houses and apartments that surround one are not always quiet. In particular, if you live in buildings with many floors, many apartments and with many people living in them, peace and quiet may not be on the menu.

Those who live in condominiums know this very well. And they also know that another type of problem can arise: the barbecue. Put your hand up if you have never had an argument with a neighbor about the smoke and the smell that comes from the coals and the grill (if not, you will surely have heard about this problem from acquaintances and friends). Unfortunately, the subject of the story that we will tell you about here, knows how annoying this nasal assault can be.

The desire to be outdoors and eat a good, grilled fish or piece of meat comes, thankfully, with the arrival of spring. In this specific case, however, this was not the scenario. The offending subjects of this story are some workers and the "victim" was a tenant of the building near to where they were working.

On a day like so many others, one of the workers prepared a fire with coal and wood and got busy cooking lunch. While the fire was burning and the meat was cooking, the smoke began to rise towards the windows of the surrounding apartments. If someone close to us is cooking, it is normal to smell it and maybe it is even bearable (for a time). But not for this woman:

After having endured barbecue smoke enter and linger in her home several times in the past, a tenant of the building in front of the construction site could not stop herself and gave the cooking worker a "shower". In a video posted on Twitter that went viral, the woman is seen looking out from the balcony of her house and spraying water on the worker and his fire with a hydrojet. The woman's intention? To stop a fire being lit yet again and escape the overpowering smell of smoke. The workers were incredulous at the woman's actions, but they say anything to her.

Who knows if in the following days they have tried again or have opted for another type of lunch. Let's hope so.

Has a similar situation ever happened to you? Maybe you have a neighbor, a relative, or a friend who loves to organize barbecues, but they just don't know yet that you can't stand it? Write to us in the comments and describe your adventures (or misadventures).

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