Woman's boyfriend is lying in an ambulance but she wants the password for his mobile: "I have to see if you have cheated on me" (+ VIDEO)

Mark Bennett

April 24, 2022

Woman's boyfriend is lying in an ambulance but she wants the password for his mobile:

Relationships are not easy to manage, but you have to recognize when the relationship is no longer constructive and has devolved into the exact opposite. The warning signs are frequently numerous and usually clear, but prime among them is an uncontrolled jealousy that often torments one of the two partners. In Cali, a city in Colombia, we witness an episode of jealousy with a tragicomic nature: a young woman tried to get the password of her boyfriend's mobile phone while he was lying on an ambulance bed which was about to take him to the hospital. The young man was clearly in need of treatment, but the first thought that jumped into the young woman's mind was to take her boyfriend's cell phone and access his data.

via Twitter / miguelAPalta


Twitter / miguelAPalta

If your boyfriend needs to be transported in an ambulance to hospital, your first concern certainly isn't going to be to pick up his cell phone and read his private messages. If it was, you would know that something in your relationship isn't going exactly in the right directions.

When jealousy becomes so overwhelming, it is clear that you are in a toxic relationship - one which it would be better to end immediately. The scene that was filmed, and then posted on Twitter, in Cali, Colombia, shows a girl who doesn't care in the least that her boyfriend just had an accident: her only thought is to figure out what the password is to his cell phone, so that she can check for messages from other women. The young woman was afraid and suspicious of having been betrayed, and she wanted to verify this by accessing the cell phone of her boyfriend.

Whilst screaming and pleading, in this critical moment, the young woman was forcibly removed from the ambulance and strongly condemned by all present. It seemed that the young woman could not control herself - as evidenced by her loud screams and her aggressive behavior. She wanted, at all costs, to prevent the ambulance from leaving before she had the password. When the paramedics finally pulled her away from the vehicle, she continued screaming, even kicking the wheels of the vehicle. At this point, a policeman managed to handcuff her.
This young woman's mind seems to have become completely unhinged - only an unhinged mind could explain how this woman decided to prioritize getting her boyfriend's phone login password over his health and safety. Why would two people continue to be together if one of the partners are obsessed and eaten up with jealousy? Furthermore, jealousy cannot be a justification for this woman's aggression. Hopefully this couple have realized they are in a toxic relationship and have ended it all.