"My mother-in-law accuses me of cheating on my husband because our daughter was born with blue eyes"

Mark Bennett

April 23, 2022


Each parent passes on their genes to their children, but it is not certain that they will be born with the exact same features as their mother or father. Grandparents, for example, also factor into the dynamics of gene transmission. A woman, however, angrily told her story about of how her mother-in-law seems to have "forgotten" about this fact and how she accused her of having cheated on her husband for the simple fact that her daughter was born with her blue eyes. The mother-in-law evidently couldn't get over the fact that her granddaughter was born with her blue eyes, as her son and daughter-in-law both have hazel-green eyes.

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"My mother-in-law worried my husband because she wanted to talk to him in private," she explained in her story. “He tried to resist, since the last time she spoke to him in private, she tried to get him to organize a weekly program for me, forcing me to visit with her while he was at work". From just these few first sentences, it is possible to see just how intrusive this mother-in-law is and how bizarre her requests can be. Of course, the husband refused to schedule the program his mother wanted, demanding that his wife go to the in-laws (when he was as work) and likewise also refused to leave their children one day a week with "the grandparents". "My mother-in-law did not write to me directly because she knew that I would have said no," said the mother who is the subject of this story.

The reason for this new meeting in private between mother and son, however, is even more bizarre than the one just described: the woman could not stand the idea that her granddaughter had blue eyes since neither her son nor her daughter-in-law had the same eye color. In her head, there was only one possible solution: her daughter-in-law had cheated on her son with another man.

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"My father has blue eyes," explained the daughter-in-law, "so I'm a carrier of the gene, but apparently no one in my husband’s family has blue eyes, so I must have cheated." The woman continued with her outrageous story: "Of course, instead of researching it and discovering that two people with green-brown eyes can have a child with blue eyes or that a baby's blue eyes can change later (even a few months later), my mother-in-law has seen fit to get my husband to submit to a paternity test. What a treasure this woman is," the daughter-in-law quipped ironically.

Reddit followers comforted the woman, telling her how sorry they were that she had to deal with such bizarre arguments with her mother-in-law. One follower, who was particularly disapproving of the mother-in-law's behavior wrote: "She is definitely ignorant and she probably lives to cause dissension. If I were you, I would suspend the monthly visits with her indefinitely. A paternity test?!! Ridiculous!".

What would you have done in shoes of the daughter-in-law?