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Woman's husband passes away during a…
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Woman's husband passes away during a wedding: the bride flies into a rage and asks for compensation

April 20, 2022 • By Mark Bennett

As you know, a wedding day is by far one of the best moments in one's life. It is the day when the love between two people becomes official, the moment in which relatives and friends gather around the couple to share their joy and the opportunity to have fun together. But what if things don't go as planned and something unexpected happens? In this case, the situation could change in a very short time and turn from the most beautiful day to the one that one would prefer to forget.

A very unpleasant situation like this happened in the story we are about to tell you. Let's see what went on together:

via: Reddit

In a post on Reddit, a woman told about having experienced a very horrible episode on the wedding day of her husband's brother. The wedding, as her description shows, had been organized down to the last detail. All the necessary was taken care of to have a fairytale ceremony which would be the culmination of the love shared between the betrothed couple. The woman's husband's brother (her brother-in-law) was finally about to marry the woman who had been by his side for years, and everyone was thrilled. Between the four of them, everything had always been okay - they had a wonderful relationship, but something went badly wroing on the wedding day.

"It all happened very quickly," said user @HaKyunga29. "We were at the reception when my husband felt ill and was taken to the hospital. Unfortunately he had an aneurysm and didn't make it. He passed away. just as he was celebrating the most beautiful moment in his brother's life. "

We can only imagine what this meant for this woman to lose her husband so suddenly, and especially in a context of joy and peace. The pain itself was tremendous, but to this pain was added to by deep sorrow and bitterness when, a few days later, the widow had an argument with her sister-in-law.

"During the days that followed, both my brother-in-law and my sister-in-law were by my side," she continued to recount on the Reddit post. "One evening, my sister-in-law approached me and started talking to me. She told me how terrible everything was and how sorry she was that my husband's stroke had happened on the day of her wedding. I told her that we knew of my husband's health problems and we had always kept the situation under control with regular checkups and treatments, but it had all been useless in the end".

The stunning thing, according to the author's words, was the reaction of the sister-in-law to these words. The new bride was completely speechless at the news that everyone, including her husband, knew of her husband's illness. "My sister-in-law told me that, if she had known about it too, she would never have invited us to the wedding," wrote the woman in the post. "According to her, we had ruined the best day of her life and she told me that I would also had to reimburse her for half of the expenses incurred, since my husband and I had been the cause of the flop of an extremely expensive reception ceremony".

The woman went on to say that she refused to put up with these accusations and that she ordered her sister-in-law to leave her house and never come back again, unless she apologized. Attracted by their argument, their in-laws intervened and tried to get them to calm down - especially because of the loss that all of them had just suffered.

Apparently, the woman hasn't seen her sister-in-law since, and she went out of her way to avoid family dinners where they might meet. But she was left with a lingering doubt: had she been right to react in that way, or should she have been understanding about the anger and disappointment of the bride for the her wedding that had been a disaster?

After all, both women suffered a major loss that day: the wedding on the one hand, a husband on the other. But who was right and who was wrong? What would you have done in their shoes?


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