This 8-year-old boy has been rejected by all the schools in the county because of his long curly hair -
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This 8-year-old boy has been rejected…
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This 8-year-old boy has been rejected by all the schools in the county because of his long curly hair

May 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Schools, as well as the workplaces, usually have a code of behavior which also includes rules regarding the appropriate clothing to be worn in the classroom. There are schools that keep the uniform, such as a blazer, while others leave the children free to dress in regular clothers, although always within the limits of good taste and decency. It is easy, during adolescence, to find students in the classroom who will push the boundaries with clothing, but none of this really affects their school performance. In any case, however, these are rules that must be respected. Farouk James is an 8-year-old boy with very long curly hair. Unfortunately, it seems that schools in his home country, the UK, do not tolerate such long hair on enrolled male students.

Farouk James loves his hair and, even his mother Bonnie, would never want him to be forced to cut it. Apparently, however, in the United Kingdom, school policies regarding this specific issue are very strict, so much so that Farouk's mother cannot find an institution that will accept her son without problems. Is it possible to be suspended from school for a hairstyle? Apparently yes, although Farouk's hair is completely natural. 

The school has repeatedly "threatened" Farouk with action if he doesn't cut his hair, as the length of his locks was not recognized as suitable by the school. Yet, if Farouk had been a girl, the problem would not have arisen in the slightest. It seems, therefore, that we are dealing with discriminatory rules. And to think that, years before, Farouk's older brother had gone to the same school, the "London Oratory", and his mother had been contacted by the institute because her son's hair was ... "too short. "! It's been a while since that day, but school policy has apparently not changed at all. 


Bonnie and her son Farouk, however, have no intention of giving up and bowing down to this "absurd" rule, so much so that they have launched a movement, called "the Mane Generation", to be able to change things once and for all. In fact, it is not only them who have had problems of this type: thanks to the media coverage that Farouk has had (on Instagram he is followed by 270 thousand people!), many other parents have found themselves joining the movement.

Imagine that your child has been sent home, without the opportunity to attend lessons, because of his long hair: would you accept it? Would you have him cut his hair? Recall that, if he had been a girl, Farouk would not have had this same problem.

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