Waitress turns away a customer because…

Waitress turns away a customer because there were no seats: later she discovers that he was Adam Sandler

May 03, 2021 • By Alison Forde

VIPs, we love them and hate them at the same time. We can only be passionate about their work, whether they are actors or singers, yet at the same time we do nothing but envy their privileged position in society. They own more than one house, maybe a nice villa with a swimming pool, have a lot of money, have no problem spending it and doing some healthy shopping, and maybe they don't even have problems finding a place in a restaurant or a club: for them, a simple reservation is enough to have a table all to themselves ...

A priveleged life that everyone, absolutely everyone, cannot help but envy. There are, however, some movie or television stars who do everything they can not to flaunt their privileged position, trying to keep a low profile in public, as if they were on a par with other citizens; which, after all, they are really in many respects.

This, for example, is the case of the American actor Adam Sandler, very famous with all age groups for his countless funny films that have made hundreds of thousands of viewers laugh and smile for at least thirty years. The actor was captured on film by an American restaurant security camera, while trying to figure out if there was an empty table for him and the person accompanying him.

The images show the actor wearing a protective mask talking to the waitress, Dayanna Rodas, and he realizes that he will probably have to wait 30 minutes before the next table to be cleared. A wait that would have infuriated many a VIP who might have responded with the famous phrase that we have all learned to recognize "Don't you know who I am!", Others might have made a fuss and things would have gone badly. But no, with great kindness and courtesy, Adam Sandler decided to leave the place, politely thanking the waitress who had informed him that there were no free tables.

The fact is that the images from the security camera were then published on Dayanna Rodas' TikTok profile, who only later recognized the American actor, at first almost "unrecognizable" due to the protective mask he wore. The images immediately made the rounds of the internet, showing that not all VIPs are unfriendly, haughty or full of outrageous demands: the best and those most loved by ordinary people are those who demonstrate values ​​such as humility, kindness and the simplicity. Even inside a humble diner.


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