Don't be fooled by the perspective: 16 photos to look at at least twice to grasp their meaning -
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Don't be fooled by the perspective:…
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Don't be fooled by the perspective: 16 photos to look at at least twice to grasp their meaning

May 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Sight can often deceive and also our mind contributes, often and willingly, to make us believe things we thought we had seen and which, instead, turn out to be something completely different. When we look at an object or a person in relation to the surrounding environment, we could be misled by the perspective: depending on the way we look at reality, we could interpret it differently and this often leaves us dumbfounded in front of certain images. "IS that really what I saw?" one wonders, at times, in some situations. In this list we have collected all those photographs that, for one reason or another, we had to look at for a second time before realizing what we were staring at. Prepare to be fooled by perspective!

1. "I assure you, there are 4 of us!"

This is what happens when we wear clothes that blend in perfectly with our surroundings. Is there an invisible arm hold a fourth bottle? Of course not, just take a closer look!

2. Don't worry, it's just a guy wearing a black hoodie ...

Seeing a scene like this on the subway might be a little disturbing, but just don't let fear take hold of you: it's just a man with the hood of a sweatshirt pulled up!


3. Is that someone about to dive in? Ah no...

A classic example of how our mind is able to deceive us with this type of optical illusion.

4. Can you spot the popcorn bag?

Rest assured: this little girl is whole! She is just holding a bag of popcorn that she is probably looking forward to eating!

5. When perspective plays tricks on you


6. Look closer...

7. You might need a few seconds to understand this image...

Do you see it? It's just a big dog who adores his master and is trying to watch him at all costs!


8. "I'm flying Jack!"

By a strange coincidence, the lady appears to be giving a lecture while flying on a magic carpet. In reality, it's just a shadow falling in the right place!

9. The floating fisherman!

With his feet and legs hidden and dark shorts, it looks like this man is floating in the air. And instead...


10. "Is there a bear in my bed?"

The bear design on the bedspread has turned into 3D! Or is it just the dog lying in the right spot?

11. I spotted some unaccompanied legs on the subway ... carrying a suitcase

12. But what a beautiful wedding dress!

When you take the right photo, at the right time, the results can be hilarious!

13. Hey guys, never skip arm day!

14. What a beautiful smile!

15. A family selfie with dad, but without his legs!

16. HELP!

Seeing this photo could be a terrible shock, but just look closer to understand that the child was not in any danger!

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