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When reality doesn't live up to expectations:…
He gives his mother a birthday raffle ticket and she wins £ 10,000 a month for a full year He builds a raft to save the nest of two unfortunate swans:

When reality doesn't live up to expectations: 19 people who were disappointed with their purchases

June 13, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Shopping is a very relaxing activity, which can distract us from our worries or simply "reward us" for hard work done. Every now and then, we have the right to treat ourselves, right? There are cases, in fact, in which shopping is good for your health. Shopping is certainly satisfying, but there are also those who enjoy shopping online. Also in this case you can sooth yourself with purchasing, as long as it doesn't go too far. The problem with online shopping is that we can't get a live preview of the product and, as a result, we have to trust the seller and preview photos of the item. Unfortunately, if you are not sufficiently aware and if you don't know the best shopping sites, you risk taking a hit. In this list, we have collected together some examples of online orders that ended badly: these shopperss, in fact, had ordered a product that, upon arrival, turned out to be a real disappointment. Has this ever happened to you?

1. Don't Trust Instagram Ads!

 Buying this "baby Yoda" turned out to be a big rip off ...

It's not a small difference, don't you agree?


3. You're not even safe buying a rag doll

 Forty dollars for such a doll: imagine the disappointment!

4. Maybe it would look good on the cat...

5. No comment!

image: Reddit

 What can we say...a total rip off!


6. It's not bad but there's something that doesn't quite convince us...

7. "The salad I ordered from the Indian restaurant nearby vs what they actually brought me"

How can anyone think of delivering such an order and calling it a "salad"? Let's hope they've at least washed the vegetables.


8. The "happy" donut...

Their product was so hyped that the buyer who bought them was particularly disappointed that the "happy" donut looked more like a desperate donut. 

9. Here's what can happen when you try to buy an alpaca toy online ...

 The photo was so tempting, and instead ...


10. Dobby, is that you?

11. He ordered on the basis of the photo on the left ...

 We still haven't figured out if he's the one who needs more training or if the purchase was a total failure!

12. "They looked smaller when I ordered them ..."

 But are they headphones or a telephone?

13. You never know what's going to arrive ...

 It is so imperfect that it's "perfect": whoever bought it has no intention of sending it back!

14. "It seemed like a good idea when I ordered it"

15. There is a little size difference

But if it weren't for that, the photo would do the product perfect justice! 

16. Ready for the discoteque!

 However, it was a risky purchase.

17. These pants did not meet customer expectations ...

18. This nightgown has a medieval flavor ...

image: Reddit

The girl looks ready to go make a magic potion or to hex someone! 

19. No comment

Have you ever ordered something online and been disappointed? Let us know in the comments! 

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