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19 photos of common objects that manage…
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19 photos of common objects that manage to be much more expressive than some people

January 24, 2021 • By Alison Forde

How many times have you looked at an everyday object and been able to trace a human face in its features? This is a rather widespread phenomenon, called "pareidolia", which tends to lead us to recognise known shapes, objects or profiles (natural or artificial) in random objects. A little as if our brain perceives small optical illusions in everything around us. Anyone who is particularly superstitious or confident of a certain symbology could misunderstand the phenomenon in question, attributing an almost "divine" meaning to the optical illusion. In fact, it is just a subconscious illusion. To give you an idea of the phenomenon, we have collected a series of explanatory photos posted by various people on the internet who have been able to spot the various resemblances in a witty way.

Don't you think that many of these objects are more expressive than certain human faces?

1. He seems to be shouting with his arms in the air: "Run! Save yourselves!"

2. "I don't like the 'look' of my cappuccino this morning ..."


3. He looks like a mop who doesn't really want to work today ...

4. These shorts look very perplexed, don't you think?

5. A hat that looks like it's having a bad time!


6. A very expressive rock!

7. This muffin shows all its disappointment before it is eaten


8. A happy jalapeño!

9. "While I was taking a walk in nature I found this rock covered with moss ... it looks like a giant baby!"


10. A door that expresses all its joy

11. This stick of incense seems to get more angry the more it burns...

12. A comical-looking church in Madeira Beach, Florida

13. When you pull the handle too hard and the door is as shocked as you are by what happened

14. Doesn't it remind you of someone?

15. It looks like a little dog trapped in a plastic box, but rest assured: it's just a scone!

16. A suspicious cockerel ...

17. These two look scared ...

18. "Even my coffee refuses to wake up in the morning ..."

19. Mr. Sofa is inviting you to sit down, don't be rude ...

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