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20 photos for which we cannot give a…
A young man creates a giant sphere by gluing 42,000 matchsticks together for one year and then sets it on fire! Some super-creative solutions from which we can take inspiration!

20 photos for which we cannot give a logical explanation

February 16, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

If you are among those who are always looking for a logical explanation of life, you may have to put your search aside with these photos.

Better to focus on the fact that in order to learn, each of us must make our own mistakes and hope that over time we learn from our experiences

After all, to really believe that there is an innate knowledge of common sense that is valid for everyone is perhaps asking too much!

So, just give up on logic and laugh at the absurdities --- only in this way will you not go crazy! :)

There are those who love to complicate their lives.

My daughter has collected seashells for me but I did not tell her that among them there are also pistachio shells!


My dear puppy! How did you get up there?

When you're one of those cats that would not think of drinking from your water bowl even if you were dying of thirst but still has not learned to drink from a faucet!

The only helicopter that after an accident will not fall and crash to the ground.


Perhaps, it would be better if we adjust the water pressure in this faucet?

When it would have been better not to try to meet the needs of the public ...


Cookies on a grill in the oven?! We need to review the basics regarding using an oven!

This image layout has completely ruined the advertising!


All those tutorials about how to quickly open an avocado ...

Are we witnessing an exhibition of a live performance on the subway? Someone please, reassure this young girl!

Now you've really secured something!

Will you hang the picture? Of course...

There's something wrong with the fan in this bathroom ...

Christmas treats? No, they're dog biscuits!

Never try to use a razor to cut your own hair!

Help us to understand what happened in this bathroom!

Children, do you want to go play on the slide?

image: 9gag/facebook

Ok! The clock has been repaired, boss!

image: onebit/reddit

My dog ​​thinks this picture is a window!

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