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26 people who have shown such levels…
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26 people who have shown such levels of laziness that they are considered brilliant!

February 28, 2018 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Some people are extremely lazy, so lazy that lazier than that is impossible! This can be true, but we also admit that sometimes their laziness is manifested more with the intention of entertaining others by coming up with some crazy ideas, rather than a real desire to do nothing unless it is absolutely necessary!

In any case, we are ready to laugh at the solutions that these people have found, but in their absurdities, we can also glimpse a method to their madness that must be recognized!

Have you ever done that was as incredibly lazy as these folks? Answer with sincerity!

Lunch in the bathtub! You just need the appropriate container.

If getting out of your car to fill up your tank is too tiresome, then just position your car well ...

image: Imgur

Delivering an SOS meal to your sick and contagious neighbor.

He understood that the conversation would be a long one ...

Sometimes the time available is so little that you cannot even prepare a simple ready-to-bake cake!

image: Imgur/Jfrkc

Let's go shopping, my dear.

If holding a drink in your hand is cold and uncomfortable --- Here is the solution!


Do you know the type of individual who will not throw the empty toilet paper cardboard roll in the trash? Well, how this person solves the problem beats them all!

After all ... you can ask Google anything! Right?!

image: Reddit/frivus

Ok, this cannot strictly be called laziness, mainly because moving around like that must be very difficult!

Learning to write can be so boring ...

Replacements for razor blades are cheap, and the handle can also be invented!

A definitely more convenient way to eat chicken nuggets.

How to cook many hotdogs at the same time!

In this family, their Christmas tree is always decorated very early ... on Halloween, to be precise!

Prepare an instant lunch using the boiling water from the coffee machine?! Here it is, ready to eat!

You don't like swallowing watermelon seeds? Do as she does!

He will get up when the video camera shows him ... it's ready!

image: Reddit/itoa5t

We all know that the fetal position is the most comfortable one while lying down!

A pillow full of sand? No, thanks! With this headrest, you do not even get your hands dirty!

We are afraid that in the end, to turn off the light, this person was forced to get up ...

What organization!

image: Imgur/Zezeka

For high-powered cleaning!

Do you want to consume six yogurt drinks? Do not remove the cellophane wrap!

Pushing a lawn mower is tiring ...

A crutch used as a fork? Well, if it works ...

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