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When reality surpasses fantasy: 15 unique…
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When reality surpasses fantasy: 15 unique animals that Mother Nature has gifted us

May 05, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If there is one thing that Mother Nature can do like no other it's to have a keen sense of creativity and originality in her creations. You need pure talent and great imagination to visualize in everyday reality what the force of Nature itself is capable of creating from nothing, both as regards the vegetable and animal kingdoms; and we just want to talk to you about the latter for a moment.

We have selected for you a gallery of images of animals so spectacular and unique that the only explanation for their peculiarity is that Mother Nature has indulged herself by creating real masterpieces of inspiration and originality. Don't believe it? take a look at these exceptional shots!

A completely white deer?

It seems like something from a fairy tale, but it really exists!

An Arctic fox which is unique in it's species...

image: Reddit

Look how beautiful it is: born with two differently colored eyes!


Here is Cemani, the all black hen!

This unusual hen comes from the island of Java, in Indonesia!

Have you ever seen a completely pink frog?

Well, there's a first time for everything!

She may be an irresistible Dalmatian, but ...

The heart-shaped birthmark on her face is the icing on the cake!


It's useless to try to compete with this fabulous hairdo...

You will never have a hair as long and flowing as hers!

Separated at birth?

Absolutely not, yet we notice a certain resemblance between this sweet dog and this imposing horse ...


An extraordinary dog!

His paws are so unique it almost looks like he's wearing black gloves - what class, boy!

Say hello to this cheerful little pink parrot family!

image: Reddit

Aren't they absolutely splendid?


Do you know the black tree monitor?

image: Reddit

A very rare species typical of the Aru Islands, off the coast of New Guinea. If you are a lover of very dark colors, this is the animal for you!

A parrot so red it can't get any redder!

So special that it looks like it came out of a Walt Disney cartoon!

Even a gorilla needs a permanent wave!

image: Reddit

I envy the beautiful curls on this extraordinary animal!

The American kestrel is part of the falcon family ...

... and is perfectly recognizable by its rainbow-like colors!

I saved him from potential predators who would surely have hunted him as a trophy ...

image: Reddit

Let me present to you my new friend, an albino owl with very white plumage!

Do you know her?

image: Reddit

She's called Pudu, and she's one of the samllest deer in the world!


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