20 animals that Mother Nature has brought…
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20 animals that Mother Nature has brought into the world using the entire palette of her colors

June 11, 2021 • By Alison Forde

If there is one thing that we can affirm with absolute certainty, it is that Mother Nature has always has an extraordinary talent in giving shapes, colors and unmistakable characteristics to the flora and fauna that populate our Planet. Whether it's a spectacular landscape or a natural masterpiece, or whether it is a unique and hypnotic animal species, know that the author of this masterpiece is the same one that created and that feeds the world in which we all live.

And since Mother Nature has an innate talent in knowing how to use incredible colors and shapes, we have selected for you some images that testify to her artistic work in some of the most beautiful and colorful animals ever unearthed by the human eye: ready for this extraordinary journey ? You will be amazed!

I am so proud of my cat ...

Everyone envies him, and not because he has white and soft fur, but because of his big eyes: each eye has two different colors!

I have always wanted a dog, but the time never seemed to be right ...

In the end, after years of sacrifice, I was able to welcome my new four-legged friend: this is Turbo, and look at what a beautiful spotted coat he has!


Our little dog is truly amazing!

We love his spotted coat, and we are very proud of him!

A dog with a mustache?

 Mother Nature also came up with this in all her creative flair: isn't she adorable?

Say hello to Harriet, the cat who looks like a panda!

 I assure you that I have not touched up this photograph, that's just how my cat is!


We would all like to have a dog like this in the family ...

image: Reddit

 Not only very elegant, but also very convenient for ... unintentionally cleaning the floors!

Those eyebrows...

 An irresistable gift from nature!


Look and be amazed!

 A cat that definitely cannot go unnoticed: here is Venus, the cat that the magic of genetics has made unique!

Do you recognize these?

Iguanas colors can vary from bright green to blue-gray to turquoise blue. Iguanas commonly develop a red-orange color as the breeding season approaches. The orange color will persist if there are other iguanas, or even dogs, cats and people, which the iguana feels it can "dominate" with its color.


Do you know what heterochromia is?

 This is a somatic feature that causes the iris of a single eye to contain two different colors: like in this irresistible cat!

Are you fascinated by parrots?

image: Pegasi/Reddit

 Here you have three for the price of one: and they are all spectacularly bright pink!

Can you also see a certain resemblance?

image: Reddit

It seems that Mother Nature wanted to use the same color palette for horses and dog! 

It may seem strange, but this brightly colored cat has a very curious name ...

image: Reddit

 In nature it is called the "Black-footed cat", even if this color is present a little all over its soft fur!

A uniquely colored fox

This is an extraordinary specimen of "cross fox", or rather of crossed fox, a very rare variant of the red fox: a gift from Nature!

What an unusual dog!

image: Reddit

 It seems that its back always points upwards: after all, we in that patch of white hair we can see ... an arrow!

All the beauty and unmistakable colors of the leopard

The whole savannah bows before him!

Do you know what a Xoloitzcuintle is?

image: hsaak7/Reddit

Also known as "Mexican dog", it is a very common dog breed in Central and South America, and is so unusual thanks to its almost totla lack of hair and its gray and shiny skin that recalls the dogs that were seen in Ancient Egypt as spiritual ferrymen of the soul into the hereafter. 

A uniquely colored dog!

Don't you want to hug him and take him home? 

Three extraordinary foxes, all three with unique features

Look at them: each has a completely different color, and together they form a spectacular trio! 

Two snakes that should scare us and make us flee, and instead ...

image: Pinterest

... instead they are real masterpieces made by that extraordinary creator who is Mother Nature! 


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