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A hairdresser encourages her clients…
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A hairdresser encourages her clients to change their look with a short cut: 15 well executed styles

April 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When it comes to changing our look, we can feel a mixture of apprehension and excitement: a simple haircut can hide a desire for change that goes beyond physical appearances. Because a new look can also bring with it new confidence and can give a boost to our self-esteem. Behind the desire to change there is also a bit of fear: what if we are not satisfied with the new look? What if the new cut doesn't enhance our features? What if it doesn't reflect our personality? These are legitimate and completely normal doubts, which is why it is important to rely on the expert hands of professionals.

In particular, one hairdresser - named Kristina - encouraged her clients to drastically change their cut, embracing a shorter style. Kristina shared her photos on social media, showing us how a short cut can enhance a woman's face. We have selected 15 images that you may draw inspiration from in case you plan to renew your appearance.

1. A new woman.

A long sweep at the front and short at the nape. She's wearing the same shirt with a high collar: we are sure that the new cut lengthens the look of the woman's neck.

2. Now this woman looks confident.

Long hair makes us feel protected, with an uncovered neck we often feel vulnerable: this woman, now, seems to have acquired much more self-esteem.


3. A very short, but well executed style.

Although this cut is very short, it suits the young woman's face very well.

4. A much more modern look.

5. Modern and feminine.

Does the long side sweep seem to be back in fashion, or maybe it never went away?


6. Enough with the usual long hair.

7. A fantastic change.

This woman has decided not only to cut her hair but also to abandon dye in favor of a natural color.


8. A drastic cut.

Why hang on to hair long, even if it's in poor condition, when you can have a very stylish short cut?

9. Extremely elegant.

Who said a short cut can't be elegant?


10. This time a jaunty look.

11. A really radical change!

12. A young and fresh look.

13. A touch of class.

14. This young woman also looks great with her new look.

15. A cut that enhances the shape of her face.

We have seen elegant and neat cuts, cheeky looks, thick coiffs and sweeping fringes: whatever the cut recommended by the hairdresser, notice how every woman has a new smile and a more confident and happy expression. Which of these looks would you ask your trusted hairdresser to do for you?

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