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18 women who decided to cut their long…
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18 women who decided to cut their long hair and transform their look

October 03, 2020 • By Alison Forde

Short or long hair? For a woman it has always been an almost obligatory choice, since in the past there was a tendency to give more consideration to the opinion of men, who have typically shown a preference for long hair. Today, fortunately, everyone is (almost) free to do what they want with their body and, at least in terms of hair, we can freely choose our favorite style. The fact that the society we live in has always given us the message that long hair corresponds to greater femininity, does not mean that it is true. In any case, going from a long hair to a short cut has always been a trauma for many women ... though nothing that cannot be overcome!

If you are planning to change your style a little, take a cue from some of these beautiful cuts: short, original and feminine!

1. "I took courage and cut it all!!

2. "I needed something practical and simple!


3. "All my life I have worn my hair like in the photo on the left, having it cut like this (photo on the right) is a big change for me!"

4. A fantastic transformation of style!

5. Now it is a lot more stylish!


6. A well balanced short cut, with absolutely super color!

7. This short cut took years off her!


8. A short cut can be as feminine as a long one

9. More and more women are choosing to cut their hair short!


10. With this cut she has definitely acquired more personality!

11. Simplicity is always the best choice

12. Her long hair is beautiful ... but her short hair is even more so!

13. She has chosen to cut her hair very short .... and she did well: it looks great on her!

14. Short hair gives her a much sunnier air

15. Long or short? Short, thanks!

16. With this cut she looks like another person!

17. She has acquired a much more youthful and carefree air! Good choice!

18. Her hair is now much more stylish

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