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The true face of jealousy: 15 funny…
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The true face of jealousy: 15 funny photos to poke fun at this bad negative emotion

April 20, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Jealousy is a real thorn in the side for many couples, but it can be worse than this. When it becomes pathological, it causes irreversible damage to the relationship, whether it's a romantic relationship or whether a friendship. Usually, being jealous is frowned upon, although a hint of jealousy can also be pleasing from time to time, and one is often judged for certain attitudes. There are situations, however, where the brazen manifestation of this sentiment produces absurd behavior and this list of photos we have prepared for you is a small demonstration of that. A classic example: the shocked expression on the face of the dog who sees his owner petting and hugging another dog!

1. The poor dog seems to be saying, "Wasn't I your best friend ?!"

image: Pinterest

2. "Why does he have the blanket and I don't?"

 It seems clear that this beautiful cat is thinking: "Why does he have a warm and comfortable blanket, while I don't ?!".


3. Come on, there's no need to be jealous!

4. The cat: "Hey, I'm here too!"

It is not clear whether the cat is more shocked by the fact that its owner is giving all that attention to a wild bird, or if the cat is thinking he would like to eat it up in one bite!

5. "He loves him more than me ..."


6. "My dog, who thinks he has exclusive rights to my husband"

These cute images were taken by the driver's wife, who couldn't believe the dog's jealousy towards her husband. Whenever she tried to caress his arm, the dog would put the record straight by placing his paw on the man's hand: "No chance, he's mine!" he seems to be saying with his eyes.

7. "The free ride is over ... I'm no longer the youngest in the house!"


8. "I can't believe my eyes: traitor!"

The "shocked" look on this little dog's face when he sees his owner kissing another dog is really hilarious! 

9. "You're not telling me this little monster is my little brother, are you?"


10. Wow! Back off kid, you can't handle an icecream this big!

11. "It's over, not even a tantrum is gonna help anymore ..."

When mom and dad announce the arrival of a little brother or sister, you can expect anything from the other little ones already in the family. Usually, though, they never seem too keen to share pampering and games with a newcomer.

12. The face of jealousy ...

image: Pinterest

Unfortunately, it happens to everyone to be left as the last singleton in a group of friends, worse still falling in love with a friend's girlfriend or boyfriend. What can we say? It will pass ...your turn next! 

13. "My girlfriend stuck the guy on the left's picture on our fridge ..."

The creator of this photo, the guy on the right, was jealous that his girlfriend had stuck up a photo of a handsome tattooed guy on the fridge, so he jokingly tried to reproduce it in his own way. Do you think the girl replaced the photo on the fridge? 

14. Looks like somebody else really wants that snack ...

15. Plenty more fish in the sea!

image: Pinterest
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