At 94 he works in the fields for more than 10 hours a day: his children have abandoned him -
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At 94 he works in the fields for more…
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At 94 he works in the fields for more than 10 hours a day: his children have abandoned him

March 31, 2021 • By Alison Forde

Could you imagine having spent your whole life working and continuing to do so even at 94? With advancing age, working becomes more and more difficult and the support of loved ones, friends or relatives becomes necessary in order to pass old age in peace. Not all children, however, seem to be able (or willing) to care for their aging parents. A woman met a 94-year-old man in difficulty: he was forced to work in the fields, from 10 to 12 hours a day, to be able to eat. The woman, moved by his story, used social media to ask for help.

This gentleman is called Gregorio, also called Don Goyo, and he lives in Mexico in the neighborhood of López Portillo. He has a humble house, without electricity and a bare floor, and sleeps in an unstable and not at all comfortable hammock. Every day Don Goyo, despite being 94, leaves home to go to an extremely strenuous job in the cane fields. Why is an elderly man who needs to rest forced to go to work like this? 

His children have abandoned him and Don Goyo is forced to go to the fields every day to cut sugar cane. The man, however, has motor difficulties: he struggles to stand up, due to a spinal problem, and needs to walk using an old stick.


One day a woman named Karla Patricia Obil met the man: without shoes, tired, with a sad face and a hunched back. She tells that she offered him a glass of soda. The man accepted and, while he was resting, he told her his story. He said that he lives alone and that his children live far away and no one visits him anymore. The woman, moved, understood that she had to help him, as it is unacceptable that a man in his condition and at his age continues to need to work. She thus shared the story on social media, hoping to receive help that might improve the elderly gentleman's living conditions. 

The requests for help were immediately met: thousands of people proved ready to take care of the gentleman as if he were their own father. Don Goyo's life has improved in a short time: he always has someone ready to keep him company, he has physiotherapy to try to improve the condition of his back and has found his smile again. The man, grateful to the woman and to all the people who daily give him peace of mind, has met someone who changed his life. He now he can start enjoying his old age as he should. 

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