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A horse approaches and consoles his…
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A horse approaches and consoles his mistress as soon as he hears her cry: a moving scene

April 01, 2021 • By Alison Forde

As we all know, our animal friends are really very good at interpreting our moods, much more than we could imagine. With a dog or a cat, perhaps, it's easier to identify with the situation: how many of you have ever felt a little down in the dumps and found your pet kitten purring on you, or a puppy licking your face? Well, the same thing could happen with a horse too. Yes, you understand correctly - our equine friends are not insensitive beings who only think about chewing hay. To prove this, Kennedi Buster experimented with her horse, pretending to cry in despair. The animal's reaction was not long in coming.

The girl placed a camera in the stable where only she and her horse were present. Suddenly, the young woman begins to cry, hoping to get some reaction from her beloved pony. Initially, it appears that the animal is disinterested in what is happening and we see him on the sidelines, as he greedily chews his hay. Suddenly, Kennedi starts sobbing louder and her horse seems to notice her.

He turns, sees her crying and doesn't waste any time: slowly he approaches her, but not before having collected some hay from the ground to console her. Perhaps, as one user also jokingly points out, the pony will have thought: "If the hay makes me happy, maybe it can cheer you up too!". A simple and straightforward logic!

Beyond the jokes, the small and brief experiment served to demonstrate how horses also seem to interpret the moods of us humans very well. Faced with the distress of his beloved mistress, who brushes and takes care of him every day, he did not hesitate to intervene to support her, when he heard her cry. Even if the experiment itself doesn't have much scientific value, one thing is certain: this horse adores his mistress and would never want to see her suffer! We leave you the video of the moving scene:

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