Gray hair: 15 women who gave up on dye…
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Gray hair: 15 women who gave up on dye and preferred to show off their natural color

March 02, 2021 • By Alison Forde

When the first white hair begins to show up, many women try to take cover by masking the event with a beautiful but artificial color. The first time you dye your hair to mask the gray, you think you have found the key to happiness, but you soon realize the vicious circle you have entered. Every month, your trusted hairdresser will re-tint the white and gray hair that sprouts at the roots. To free themselves from this "bondage", many women choose directly to dye all their hair gray or white, taking on their natural shade. Besides having a positive practical effect, dyeing your hair silver is also very fashionable! Hair in these icy shades is simply gorgeous and also very versatile. Many women choose to dye their hair gray, effectively improving their appearance.

What do you think?

1. The smile says it all

For a hairdresser and color professional, customer satisfaction comes first. Making gray hair gleam is certainly not a job that everyone is capable of! The possibility of aspiring to a masterpiece and, instead, obtaining a mediocre effect is very high. Certainly, however, this is not the case here!

2. Beautiful result!


3. Another classic example of how gorgeous gray hair can be flaunted

4. Eliminate the problem of root regrowth

Many clients also choose the gray hair option to free themselves from the bondage of constantly having to watch out for regrowth. With a color of this type, however, you can have a little regrowth without losing the overall effect of the color and managing to keep the hairdresser's work looking fresh for a few more months.

5. This woman is back in great shape with her new look!


6. When the roots grow back so gray, you can opt for an overall silver color and not have to re-dye every month!

7. Wow!

The client in this photo was also extremely tired of having to dye her hair every three weeks, so the famous colorist Jack Martin proposed a color that would blend with the natural roots of her hair. She can now wait a lot longer before having to dye it again!


8. Much better with this new color, right?

9. Completely rejuvenated!


10. The same cut, but with an enchanting color!

11. A great choice!

12. She also seems rejuvenated with this new hair color!

13. A very pleasing change!

14. Luminosity id the key word!

15. Her hair was damaged and the root regrowth was becoming unmanageable, but thanks to this new color she has solved her problems!

How about? Would you ever give up dying your hair? Imagine not having to worry about regrowth anymore and having to book an appointment at your trusted hairdresser less often. Of course, if you really don't like these icy shades, you certainly don't have to color your hair gray, but otherwise it's worth considering.

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