More and more women refuse to color their hair and show off their natural color: white and grey hair are now trendy -
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More and more women refuse to color…
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More and more women refuse to color their hair and show off their natural color: white and grey hair are now trendy

May 08, 2020 • By Cylia Queen

Getting older is inevitable, but some people aren't comfortable with aging, even if it's in a "graceful" manner. Many people, especially women, try to hide their gray locks in order to appear younger than what they actually are. They might start out just buying enough hair color to cover up a few gray hairs here and there. As they get older, they use more and more product, ultimately damaging their hair. What's so bad about gray hair, though? 

via: Glamour

In the last few years, many women have starting realizing that there's nothing wrong with having gray hair. In fact, they feel comfortable with their silver locks. Just because our hair might be turning gray, doesn't mean we are "getting older", though. For men, it's usually a sign of distinction and even wisdom, so why should we look down on women for having gray hair too?  

With the right hairdresser and with the right cut, women could start freeing themselves from the viscious cycle of dying their hair. It's better for the environment and for your pocketbook. Morever, with so many young people dying their hair gray these days, it's also fashionable. Gone are the days where women had to wear a bag over their head if they couldn't get to the beauty parlor in time to dye their roots. It's time to embrace our gray and silvery locks and be proud to show them off! 


It's true that not everyone has the courage to try new things, but maybe these photos will prove to be encouraging and inspire you to choose your natural color over something made in a laboratory the next time you go to the hairdresser. 

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