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These babies take the cake when it comes…
Strange friends ... a huge black bear and a kitten! One of the craziest goals EVER!

These babies take the cake when it comes to hair!

September 10, 2017 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Most of us come into the world basically bald and remain this way for several months. But there are cases where Mother Nature seems to have concentrated much of her energy on the head area, particularly in the number of hair follicles.

Consequently, it happens that some babies are distinguished by such thick hair that we would attribute this to the hands of a hairdresser,  but it is, of course, completely natural. Here are a series of images that will win your sympathy.

Just a photo of my 10-month-old daughter and her crazy hair.


The fairest and lightest hair we've ever seen!

image: fruityloops17

Little Isabelle looks like ... A TV presenter!

image: David Kaplan

A LOT of hair!

A photo that was taken at just 3 months of age.

image: chumyl

This starts to become almost worrying! 😜

image: evelynosso

What waves!

image: alowrance

And who can forget a head of hair like that? Very beautiful!

image: jppilates1

Curious and beautiful genetic combinations ...

image: iamhairboss

Other levels of style here ...

image: Hannah Taylor

A lot of hair but ... Concentrated!

image: Mommy Shorts

My little pineapple head. There is no way to control it so we accept it as it is.

image: ckim39

A member of the Weasley family, perhaps?

One of them will have to feel the trimming scissors soon ...

Obviously, having thick hair makes you happy!

He is already ready for the world of show business!

image: ollie_finn_

The birth of a Viking.

So many big beautiful and bouncy curls! 😍

image: Mommy Shorts

This baby definitely wins the title of Miss "Curly Hair"!

image: isafofurinha

Also, in this case, this baby will not go unnoticed!


Her hair can already be placed behind her ears!

Here we have a high class lord!

image: Jasmine Ryan

Unstoppable !!!

image: yarased

Only 2 months old. I swear it's not a wig.

image: christophermm
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