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Wearing clothes without ironing them?!…
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Wearing clothes without ironing them?! This is a new campaign to protect the environment. Goodbye to ironing!

June 27, 2019 • By Shirley Marie Bradby

Ironing is one of those really boring and tiring household chores that most of us constantly try to avoid, especially in the summer.

Many refuse to iron at all since they are certain they will not achieve the desired results, so they prefer to wear wrinkled shirts and jeans rather than even trying to iron their clothes.

For all those who recognize themselves in this description, it is time to rejoice! Wearing wrinkled clothes could become fashionable in the near future!

image: Wikimedia

This is a slightly provocative proposal presented by supporters of the campaign to protect the environment, in Colombia. But what does ironing clothes have to do with protecting the environment?

Well, the point is that ironing means consuming electricity and therefore not using an iron could prove to be a good move in this regard. In fact, consuming less electricity means lower emissions of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

A campaign that, in general, has found the favorable opinion of many environmentalists but which, at the same time, has also received much criticism.

Those who affirm that it is a valid proposal in defense of the environment have expressed their favor also with regard to a further argument that seems to be connected to the campaign.

Namely, that the way in which people present themselves in public, subjecting themselves to the gaze of others, is also the fruit of stereotypes imposed by the fashion industry; stereotypes that must be fought, considering that the preservation of our planet is a much more important issue.

Those who are not convinced of this unusual proposal of wearing wrinkled clothes, on the other hand, say that wearing clothes that are not wrinkled communicate to the world that the person has strong self-esteem and also respect for others. Leaving home with wrinkled clothes, on the other hand, would be a strong sign of personal neglect and little respect for others.

image: Flickr

Who is right? 

Obviously, the question also depends on the use made of a certain item of clothing. A young boy, perhaps a student, can afford to leave home with a wrinkled shirt, but a company manager absolutely cannot. 

For now, the campaign is getting different degrees of support on social media. Its supporters say that not ironing clothes for a year is equivalent to planting seven trees or eliminating seven motor vehicles from circulation. In short, it would seem to be really effective! 

What do you think about this proposal?


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